Wine Rules, and When to Break Them

by Duncan Connor
Wine Rack

When it comes to the familiar rules for wine (red for beef, white for fish), I asked Nicolas Quinones, co-owner and wine program director at Woodfire Grill, if that was good advice or an outdated notion that needs to be trampled (yes, that pun’s intended).

Founding Diners

by Duncan Connor
Founding Fathers

We take a look at five of those men who helped to create a nation, and try to figure out which restaurants in Atlanta they might enjoy.

Kevin Gillespie: Why I Left Woodfire Grill

by Duncan Connor
woodfire grill

In September of 2012, Kevin Gillespie announced that he would be leaving Woodfire Grill at the end of the year. The bearded chef with the pig tattoo, who was catapulted into the limelight as the Top Chef Las Vegas fan favorite a few years ago, had helmed the Cheshire Bridge restaurant since 2007. I met him in Glenwood Park, near his new restaurant, Gunshow, to talk to him about his decision to go it alone.

Tyler Williams on Southern, Spice, and Asha Gomez.

by Duncan Connor

Tyler Williams, executive chef at Woodfire Grill on Cheshire Bridge Road is an artist. In a culinary career that’s taken him from his family home in Michigan to Portland, Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta, Williams has embraced flavor wherever he cooked. We talk about Cardamom Hill, and how Chef Asha Gomez has re-imagined a Southern staple […]

Q&A: Kevin Gillespie, Gunshow Mythbuster

by Duncan Connor
Gunshow Restaurant

If you’ve paid any attention to the status of Gunshow, Kevin Gillespie’s new venture in Glenwood Park, you’ve probably heard a ton of rumors about what to expect. We asked Kevin to set the record straight about some of the myths surrounding the restaurant before it opens in mid-April. MYTH: Gunshow won’t have menus. Kevin […]

Kevin Gillespie on Seasonality and “Modern Southern.”

by Duncan Connor
Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie is probably best known to most as the cheerful red-bearded chef with the pig tattoo from season six of Top Chef, filmed in Las Vegas. He recently caused a stir with the mission statement for his new restaurant, Gunshow, in Glenwood Park, when he wrote “‘Modern Southern’ glorifies a South I don’t know…one with plantations and cocktails on the lawn.”

Chai Pani: Indian Street Food Comes to Decatur

by Duncan Connor
Paneer Uttapam - Chai Pani

Chef Meherwan has created a menu packed with exotic flavors from all over India’s culinary and geographic landscape, and dishes ranging from small plates (chaat) to Indian hand food, to crepes (uttapam), and traditional entrees (thalis).