My Afternoon With Hugh Acheson

by Amy Koonin

Rarely in this day and age do we see someone who lives so humbly, simply, and authentically as Hugh Acheson. Those three core principles translate into his wardrobe, personality, and on the plate.

Kevin Gillespie talks Top Chef

by Duncan Connor
Kevin Gillespie

Ask anyone from Atlanta about Bravo’s Top Chef show, and the name they’ll mention is Kevin Gillespie. The guy with the pig tattoo and the red beard finished overall fan favorite, and runner up in the competition.

Kevin Gillespie: Why I Left Woodfire Grill

by Duncan Connor
woodfire grill

In September of 2012, Kevin Gillespie announced that he would be leaving Woodfire Grill at the end of the year. The bearded chef with the pig tattoo, who was catapulted into the limelight as the Top Chef Las Vegas fan favorite a few years ago, had helmed the Cheshire Bridge restaurant since 2007. I met him in Glenwood Park, near his new restaurant, Gunshow, to talk to him about his decision to go it alone.