Mara Davis Joins Atlanta Eats

by Duncan Connor

Mara Davis has been a staple of Atlanta radio for almost two decades. Since 92.9 DaveFM switched formats at the end of September, Davis has been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to come along. On May 18th, Mara joins the Atlanta Eats team, visiting restaurants and talking to chefs, diners, and restaurateurs around Atlanta.

Kevin Gillespie talks Top Chef

by Duncan Connor
Kevin Gillespie

Ask anyone from Atlanta about Bravo’s Top Chef show, and the name they’ll mention is Kevin Gillespie. The guy with the pig tattoo and the red beard finished overall fan favorite, and runner up in the competition.

Atlanta Restaurants in the Movies

by Duncan Connor

Ah, the Academy Awards. Who doesn’t love the Oscars? If we needed one (and we don’t) this would be a great excuse to look at some of the amazing places to eat in Atlanta that have served as a location in some popular movies in recent years.

The Taste: 2-Hour Premiere Event

by Duncan Connor

The first thing I noticed about ABC’s The Taste, was that the contestants, who all seem to embrace their cultural stereotypes, were operating at a level of self-delusion on par with any other cheftestant show. The premise is that contestants serve four chefs/mentors/judges with a single spoonful of food in a blind taste test (and […]