Dish Worth the Drive

Gu’s Bistro

If you take the Buford Highway exit off I-285, head north past the Buford Highway Supermarket and take a left at the Burlington Coat Factory and you’ll find one of those fabled Buford Highway restaurants everyone is always talking about. And they have good reason to talk about Gu’s Bistro. Whether it’s your favorite dish from the American Chinese menu, or if you’re chasing a Cheng-Du Spicy Bone-In Rabbit from the Traditional Chinese menu (which is as legit as you’ll find translated into English), you’re going to find something to make your belly happy. While you’re in the area, you might want to try any of the dozens of other restaurants on Buford Highway, or maybe swing by Tower to check out one of the best selections of adult beverages in the city. If that’s not your thing, head to Silverbacks Park and watch Atlanta’s professional soccer team in action, or head five minutes west on I-285 to Perimeter Mall to do a little shopping.




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