Elite Eats – 2017 Sandbox



Sixty-four of the most mouth-watering dishes that Atlanta Eats has covered are going head-to-head in Elite Eats! Who serves slam dunk bar bites? Which southern dish deserves to make it to the sweet sixteen? You decide the Atlanta Eats 2017 Chompion!

Each dish is divided into one of four divisions; Bar Bites, The South Rules, Around the World and Insane Italian. Winners of this round go to the Round of 32, then the Sweet Sixteen, then battle into the Elite Eight, and The Final Four until there is only one dish left as Chompion. Each round one person will win dinner for two at one of the spots they vote for! 

Round of 64: March 13-19
Round of 32: March 20-26 
Sweet 16: March 27-28 
Edible 8: March 29-30 
Final 4: March 31-April 1  
Final 2: April 2-3 

Chompion Announced: April 4

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