Toscano and Sons

The finest Italian ingredients can be found at this authentic bottega in West Midtown.

Supermarkets are perfectly suitable when it comes to your basic grocery shopping needs. But when it comes to cooking an authentic Italian meal, let’s be real…Publix just isn’t gonna cut it. It’s not that we have beef with supermarkets. It’s that supermarkets don’t have the right beef for us. Or the right cheese. Or the right pastas, pastries, oils, vinegars…

So what’s a Paisano to do? Hit up Toscano & Sons, of course.

Located in Atlanta’s historic West Midtown, Toscano & Sons is a bona fide Italian market with all the ingredients you need to do Italian right. Of course they’ve got your traditional pastas, imported oils, and fresh herbs. But what makes this the quintessential Italian specialty store is their selection of rare meats and cheeses…and the classic Italian cookies and pastries that your Nonna used to make.