How To Save Money By Having The ‘Munchies’?


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I’m pretty certain that most of you who read this title were thinking about another certain kind of munchies. The kind of munchies that I suppose for all intensive purposes are officially legal in the states of Washington and Colorado. When it comes to saving money, I never miss a meal. Having the munchies can actually be a smart thing when it comes to getting some free food. This means when the restaurant puts out something for you to ‘nosh’ on before you order your food. If you are living on a budget, filling up on these munchies can actually be a smart money move. Here are three restaurants in the Atlanta area that may have something right up your alley.


  • Tarahumata– There are more than 100 different kinds of Taqeuria’s in and around the Atlanta Metro area. I would be curious which FREE chips and salsa you like the best, but this is a great munchie to stock up on before you order your meal. I like the chips and salsa at (www.tarahumata.com) as they have a spicy salsa with tomato chunks and light warm crispy chips. Eating this munchie before your meal can help fill you up before you order.


  • King + Duke– (www.kinganddukeatl.com) Admittedly, I now have a small addiction to the Yorkshire pudding popovers at the King + Duke. It’s hard to describe how good the flaky outside crust is filled with the warm doughy inside. If you put a little pat of butter in the middle it will just melt away into the dough. Although they aren’t fond of giving extras because most people won’t ask, be a little pushy and stock up on two or three of these and it will cut down your final tab.


  • Murphy’s– (www.murphys-atlanta-restaurant.com) Let’s face it, almost any good Italian restaurant will serve you a basket of bread before your meal. Murphy’s has some great bread and dipping oil, but I like it best when you drizzle the oil out and then ask for a cup of parmesan cheese and sprinkle it into the oil. A few slices of bread can really fill up your stomach before you place your order.


There are so many great places to eat out in Atlanta and I’m sure you have a few locations where the restaurants have something FREE to nosh on before the main meal. What can you tell other Atlanta Eats readers about a great place to go in the city where the munchies are too good to pass up?



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