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My name is Cara Weaver.  I am a Flywheel & FlyBarre instructor at Flywheel Sports in Atlanta.  I am a mother of 2, currently live in Virginia Highlands but have lived all over Atlanta for 15 years now.  I love clean food, good wine, and LOVE to dine out! I have been teaching or working in fitness & health clubs for 8 years with certifications in Pilates and Nutrition.  Teaching, motivating, and helping people to feel strong and confident are the things I love most. My go to healthy restaurants in Atlanta are Metro Fresh, Cafe Jonah, Stone Soup Kitchen, and American Roadhouse (new owner, new menu with healthy options and great for kids too!) My favorite restaurants in Atlanta for a night out include Wisteria and Portofino.

Food is fuel and what you put in your body is what will dictate your success in the gym, in losing weight (and keeping it off), and staying healthy for life.  Without the proper nutrition, you can literally run your butt OFF and do more harm than good.  I start every day eating breakfast within an hour of waking up.  I eat at least an hour before a hard workout so that my body has enough sugar to allow me to push myself harder while I am there! Pre-workout fuel is something like a banana, peanut butter on a rice cake, or Chuice. Chuice is a locally made juice that you chew (think cold soup in a glass). It has 45 ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. Post-workout fuel should be something like a shake or fruit if you did an intense class like Flywheel.  Otherwise, I just wait until my next meal, which should be soon because eating every three hours is the way to go.

Check out Flywheel sports at www.flywheelsports.com and your first class is free!


I host a monthly Health Group open to anyone who wants to learn more about how to fuel your body for the right workouts – www.caraweaver.com



Cara Weaver
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