This 40 Year Old Mom and Food Lover Found the Workout She Can’t Live Without

Flybarre 3

Hi Foodie Fans, it’s Mrs. Steakie here. Since I am officially an unofficial part of the Atlanta Eats family of food lovers (aka, over indulgers), I am starting the new year in a pretty uncomfortable pair of jeans. The quick statistics are this: mother of 3 who drinks a lot of wine to stay sane, early 40’s, not a lot of free time to work out (which means whatever I do needs to really work!), loves to overindulge on all of these fantastic restaurants we cover on ATLANTA EATS, and can blow off a workout pretty quickly when things get crazy (all the time). I decided to sign up for this program called the Flybarre 6 Week Challenge– It’s a 6 week commitment of 4 classes a week of Flybarre; combination body sculpting, toning, firming, and a hell of a lot of squats and other tiny little movements that burn like crazy, but promise bikini size bootie. I can’t believe Im going to say this, but I am totally hooked!


Week one of the challenge is downright embarrassing. You meet up with the other challengers to get your measurements and ugly pictures of yourself and so you can get a handle on what to do with the bands, the ball, and the little weights. You eye everyone around you to see if they are going to grab the one pound, two pounders, or the big guns (5 pounds). It sounds ridiculous that anyone would pick the one pound weights, but trust me-when the chick upfront leading the class says its time for the arm dance-grab the ones!! So my big proud statement after about 6 classes is that I can now get through the arm dance with my rockin 1 pound weights without dropping my arms! Next week Im gonna get crazy and grab the 2’s . . . I love the bands now that I have figured out how to get into position, and the ball is for squeezing . . ..so I got all that down and now I am good to go for the program.


Here’s what I love about Flybarre so far:

1. It’s a really efficient workout!! I swear you feel like you’ve lost inches off of your waist IMMEDIATELY. (even the 45 minute class makes a difference-yes, they have 45 minute classes!!!!)

2. The music is great and the instructors are legit! Im kind of picky about my music and I really need it to stay motivated. I also hate working out when you can’t hear the instructor or you are too scared to talk to them

3. The exercises hit every single area that needs help. One song for ass, one song for tummy, one song for hips, one song for thighs(you get the picture) I can actually visualize looking good naked again-It’s just a visual right now, but I can kind of see it . .. way ahead in the distance . . .

4. Im getting into a routine!! A real routine where I actually get on my computer on Sunday nights and schedule my classes for the week. I can’t believe I am able to do this! I feel proud of myself and while I haven’t been perfect (a little Atlanta snow makes it hard to get around), but I feel really good about committing to this and I am not freaking and ready to bail.


I have gotten off to a good start and am feeling a teeny, tiny bit toner . . .so I have some momentum going. Im ready to get more serious this week. Im looking forward to dinner at Ford Fry’s new hotspot, St. Cecilia, this coming Friday night-which I plan for my reward at the end of this Flybarre week!!! Stay tuned for more-

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