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Hey Atlanta, My name is Erika Carter and I am a FlyBarre Instructor at Flywheel Sports in Atlanta. I also am an NASM certified personal trainer. I love my job, I love working out and have a passion for all things fitness (clothes, food, various workouts etc!) I have two beautiful little girls, an amazing husband and an enormous Great Dane named Thunder. We are a very active family and I strive to set healthy examples for my girls.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go out to eat. We love to try new places and I am fortunate that my girls will eat almost anything. One of our favorite meals out is sushi. We love to head over to Taka Sushi or walk up the street to Tomo. I love sashimi, cucumber salad and spicy tuna rolls. If we are doing something on the more casual side, we love to go to Whole Foods to grab a bite. If the weather is nice we sit outside. The food is great, healthy and it is the perfect place to go with the family because there is literally something for everyone (and I can do a quick grocery shop to!). When I am alone, I love to go to Cafe Jonah for lunch. Amazing options that change daily. For adult only dinners I love Holeman and Finch, Barcelona and The Optimist.

Since I teach several classes a week and continue to workout regularly, it is important that I fuel my body. I tend to be a bit of a creature of habit in the breakfast department. It’s usually a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries and a scoop of sun butter or peanut butter (good mix of protein, carbs and fat). Fills me up and keeps me full. I am addicted to the Trader Joe’s individual nut and fruit packs. I keep them everywhere and that is usually my pre workout snack.  My husband calls me a squirrel. Those snack packs are in my car, my purse, my gym bag…a girl has to be prepared, no one wants to be around me when I am hungry! I eat as many fruits and veggies a day as I can. Most importantly I drink a TON of water – I can’t emphasize enough how important water is! Post workout I love to have a protein shake. My favorite protein powder is Vega (which is plant based) I mix it with water, almond milk and a scoop of dehydrated peanut butter.

And I confess, I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth. My grandmother had it too, so lets just say it’s hereditary! I allow myself a treat every day. I have to. Believe me I have done the “I’m not having ANY sweet for 3 weeks” and then I crash and burn. So for me, a little bit each day is the way to go. My motto has always been everything in moderation. Most days a handful of dark chocolate covered raisins will do it, but believe me there are the days when we take the kids for ice cream and I too get one 🙂


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