Take A Journey Down Buford Highway With Us




When you want authentic Cuban in Atlanta, this should should your first stop.

Menu Highlights: Fried Plantains, Beef Empanadas

Lee’s Bakery

Vietnamese food has become incredibly popular in Atlanta in the last few year, and you can thank Lee’s Bakery for this. From the fresh baked bread that seems to pop up on so many menus in town to the pho that cures anything that ails you, this place will get you hooked the first time.

Menu Highlights: Pho and Banh Mi. And bonus, Lee’s is one of the few places you can get a half portion of both in one meal.

Crawfish Shack

Authentic Cajun food with a few Vietnamese flavors sprinkled throughout. This little ‘shack’ has gained national press from the New York Times and even Anthony Bourdain and is a haunt of local chefs. From Boudin Balls to a Shacktastic Platter; you’ll want to devour everything on the menu.

Menu Highlights: Shrimp Po-Boy, Connecticut Style Lobster Roll

Taco Veloz

There’s no shortage of great tacos on Buford Highway, and at the top of the list is certainly Taco Veloz. Yes, there’s a drive-thru and yes the menu will remind you of a fast food joint. But this spot is so much more than that. Just about as authentic as you can get this far from the border.

Menu Highlights: Carne Asada Tacos, Horchata

Sweet Hut

This Coffee Shop/sweets emporium is usually packed tot he gills late into the night. Snack on everything from cupcakes to savory pastries while sipping on coffee and tea. And the cakes? Bring one of those to a party and you’ll be a hero.

Menu Highlights: Bubble Tea, Taro Pastry

Gu’s Bistro

Mention Gu’s Bistro and people’s eyes light up.  A favorite of chefs and food lovers all over town. And we’re constantly impressed by the craft beer on the menu.

Menu Highlights: Chengdu Cold Noodles, Hot and Numbing Beef


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