Minute with Mara

Mara Visits Atlanta Food And Wine Festival

Food enthusiasts were out in full force this weekend for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. In it’s third year it’s clear — our city is obsessed with food!

When we met festival founder Dominique Love she explained that the idea for the event was born over an evening of wine with Atlanta Chef Sean Doty. He convinced her to get it going and now the concept is huge. Love that.

When we got to the tasting tents we talked with Miller Union’s Steven Satterfield (on behalf of Slow Food Atlanta). We also caught up with Top Chef’s Edward Lee and Food Network’s Duane Nutter. I asked them all which famous living or dead person they’d want to cook for. I was surprised by some of their answers which you’ll see in the video.

Honeysuckle Gelato was handing samples and people were loving it. It’s great to see small food companies growing at such a fast pace. We also learned about some of Atlanta’s new craft breweries and Frozen Pints craft beer ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly.

Inside the tasting tents you could try everything from cheese, terrine, shrimp, grits, Goo Goo clusters (really!) and fried chicken. You name it, it was there. Everyone was raving about the fried drumsticks from Roswell’s Table & Main. They ran out by the time we got there, but you better believe we will be back.

Thanks AFWF, we had a blast! See you next year!