Perfect Order

Perfect Order

Cafe Alsace — Chef/Owner Benedicte Cooper

When you’ve got a family, there’s never really one thing that everyone gravitates to, so Chef Cooper has a few suggestions. From pate to spaetzle, trout to beef wellington, it’s all good, especially if you round it out with chocolate mousse, ice cream, or profiteroles. See, chefs have families just like yours.

Bone Garden Cantina — Executive Chef Mark Nanna and Owners Michael and Kristen Benoit

Chef Nanna dives straight in for the Pork Tamale Azteca — braised pork, wrapped in a banana leaf, exactly what you thought it was going to be, only better. Michael, on the other hand, is all about goat tacos and the chicharones while Kristen is addicted to the veggie jamaica taco, made with hibiscus flowers, avocado, cilantro, and jicama-carrot relish.

Community Q BBQ — David Roberts

Being an Atlanta guy, David likes the simplicity of smoked chicken salad, but since he runs a BBQ joint, he’ll take ribs with a side of mac and cheese, and so should you.