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Perfect Order

Ever get menu anxiety? It’s that feeling when you open a menu and everything looks so good you think you’ll never be able to decide. We all get it from time to time, which is why we ask chefs what they think you should eat in their restaurants.

Thomas Lee – Hankook Taqueria

At Hankook Taqueria, Thomas thinks that you should pick any two tacos and get a side of sesame fries, but if that sounds like too much, just get the bibimbop.

Jay Swift – 4th and Swift

“Start at the bar.” That’s chef Jay’s advice, and we don’t disagree (but we’ve already tried the cocktails). After that you should get the brussels sprouts salad, in part because it’s in season, in part because it’s really good. But what for protein? Fresh fish. It can change daily depending on what’s available and good, and it’s always really good. But if fish isn’t your thing, try rabbit or squab (that’s pigeon to you and me). Though having said that it’s hard to turn down the Three Little Pigs or pheasant.

George Ippolito – Ippolito’s

George Ippolito is a man after our hearts. He says we should start with a nice bottle of chianti and fried calamari, followed by chicken a la vodka. For dessert, leave the gun, take the cannoli. An Alpine Bakery Cannoli comes highly recommended.

Rico Cunningham – Rico’s World Kitchen

On his way to 300lbs (by his own lighthearted admission), Rico likes to start with a salad, and he suggests a fried green tomato salad. Where some places run “specials” to off-load food that’s getting past its prime, Rico buys in produce for his specials, so opting for one of those won’t play Russian roulette with your digestive system. Finish your meal with banana pudding. No explanation required for that.

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