Perfect Order

Can’t decide between Chicken Scaloppini or Baked Risotto? Like a culinary GPS, Atlanta’s top chefs will help you navigate their menus, and turn you on to an order that will please you and your palate.

Do you want to know which restaurant will order sweetbreads for you if you ask for them in advance? Find out which chef thinks you should order small plates in his restaurant, and who recommends splitting a Tuscan kale salad?

The Optimist – Adam Evans

We asked Adam Evans what he’d recommend from The Optimist’s menu. His answer: oysters. After that you and your friends should order some small plates and share them so everyone can try a little of everything, or even try new things like John Dory (it’s a fish).

Bocado – Todd Ginsberg

Don’t expect a short answer when you ask Todd Ginsberg a food question. If you call far enough ahead at Bocado, you can order off the menu. Way off the menu. Want sweetbreads or oysters? Bocado can order it in if you let them know far enough in advance.

But if you’re ordering from the menu, he would recommend fried oysters and champagne, then hit the appetizers: water melon or heirloom tomato salad in the summer, and then onto the hamburger or chicken breast before finishing up with cheesecake.

The Salt Factory – Bob McDonough

Bob knows exactly what you should order: everything on the menu. But if you’re not that hungry, go with mussels, then Tuscan kale salad, then you get the salmon while your date orders the shepherd’s pie — you’re sure to want to share those anyway.