Perfect Order

Perfect Order

We’ve all thought about it, going into a restaurant, taking a seat and then saying, “Just give me the best of what’s on your menu.”

In The Perfect Order, we get chefs to open up and tell you what they think you should order when you visit their restaurants.

Steve DiFillippo – Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

Steve says you should start with spring rolls, and have a little bolognese or meatballs. After that get some swordfish fresh from Boston and round out the meal with chocolate cake

Jennifer Tiberia – Sprig

Start with home made pimiento cheese, and follow it up with Nieman Ranch organic free-range pork tenderloin that customers have been raving about, and finish up with Sprig’s gluten-free flourless chocolate cake or a fried pie.

Mike Greene – Matthew’s Cafeteria

Mike keeps it simple: barbecue beef brisket, mac n cheese, cabbage, peach cobbler, cornbread, sweet tea, I think we had to stop him from just reading the entire menu. But that’s okay when everything on the menu is as good as Matthew’s Cafeteria.

Alex Brounstein – Grindhouse Killer Burgers

For a last meal at Grindhouse, Alex Brounstein thinks double cheeseburger with cheddar and pepperjack is in order. Add some bacon, New Mexico green chiles, grilled onions, Grindhouse sauce, onion rings, fries… Yeah, it would probably be anybody’s last meal.