Breakers BBQ

The Korean BBQ scene is booming in Atlanta, but Breakerss is really setting them ahead of the pack. The restaurant has adapted technology so the interactions between the waiters and patrons happen at the push of a button. We were salivating at the parade of marinated short ribs, fresh seafood, and indulgent pork belly coming from the kitchen. The side dishes are just as jaw dropping as the proteins; your meal comes with homemade kimchi, rice paper and radish wrappers, soup, salad, and fresh vegetables too! Less than a year old, Breakers has already made a lasting impression in the Atlanta restaurant world.


Pork Belly

Sweet, Succulent, and cooked to perfection. This takes bacon to a whole new level!

200 Year-Old Chicken

Breaker’s secret chicken recipe has been passed down for multiple centuries! Try the chicken wrapped in the rice paper with kimchi and chili sauce; it is good for the SEOUL.

Twin Lobster Tail

Breaker’s provides all of the perfect sauces and sides to really take your tail to the next level. Dip the lobster in some sesame oil and sprinkle a little pink salt on top. You wont be disappointed!