Chama Gaucha

Who doesn’t love a great night out in Buckhead? Especially with an incredibly classy dining room, a spectacular patio that opens into the street, a fabulous indoor-outdoor bar with craft cocktails like the caipirinha and the finest cuts of meat you’ll ever find. How about mixing that with the passion of Brazil…well it’s time to eat steak with a guy named Steak! Let’s hang at Chama Gaucha!



Caipirinha drink from Chama Gaucha

Otherwise known as the “national cocktail of Brazil”, the Caipirinha is crafted with cachaça (an alcohol made from distilled sugarcane juice), lime and sugar.

Salad Bar

Salad bar from Chama Gaucha

This isn’t your average salad bar. From roasted asparagus to sun-dried tomatoes and balls of Mozzarella cheese, you have to control yourself on this section to make it through the unlimited meat selection that follows. 

Meat Selection

Meat from Chama Gaucha

Chama provides a meat-eater’s paradise. Ribeye, pork, lamb & Filet Mignon accompany traditional seasoned meats like the Picanha (sirloin), Frango e Linguica (drumsticks or pork sausage) and more!

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