Chicken Tips

Pan Fried Chicken

Chef Drew Belline – No. 246

This is one of Chef Drew’s favorite recipes to make at home.

All you need is a Springer Mountain Farm chicken breast, a resealable plastic bag, a fillet knife,and a rolling pin or mallet. Sounds like fun already.

First (be very careful) butterfly the chicken by holding the chicken breast to your work surface or counter, and using your knife parallel with the counter, slice the chicken breast almost in half. If you do it right it should open up like a book.

Then slice down the sides of the bag so you can open it up and pit the butterflied chicken inside and have a layer of plastic above and below the chicken.

Once you’ve done that it’s hammer time. Pound the chicken down to 1/4 inch with your mallet, rolling pin, or your copy of Julia Child’s French cookery book.

You can shallow fry the chicken in a pan with butter, cornstarch, salt, and pepper. Serve it with your favorite pasta, toasted garlic, a little bit of lemon and some parsley