Saturdays 7:00 pm | Sundays 10:30 am



Tucked away in the Inman Park neighborhood is this Italian gem. Perfect for a romantic night on the town or a mid-week meal  with friends, you’ll find homemade pasta and oh so much more!

Bruce Logue opened Boccalupo last year with the goal to bring local, American ingredients to the forefront of traditional Italian cooking. Logue and his team seek out the best and you can taste it in every bite. And they are not afraid of creativity in the kitchen. Take the famous Bahn Mi  for example. Traditionally a Vietnamese specialty, Logue transformed the flavors into a bruschetta with grilled bread, chicken liver pate, braised pork and pickled veggies.

This true neighborhood gem is breath of fresh air in Atlanta. You’ll find yourself lingering over the pasta and wine night after night.


Black Spaghetti

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. ‘Black..spaghetti?!’ But hear us out; this is one of the best dishes in Atlanta! The pasta is made with a small amount of squid ink (for color, not taste), and then cooked with hot Calabrese sausage and red shrimp. Trust us on this, you’re going to love this dish.

Pasta Tasting

Everything that Boccalupo serves up is worth trying. But, there is a limit as to how much a single person can eat. The geniuses in the kitchen have solved this for you, by offering up a Pasta Tasting. 4 courses of unique tastes for only $42. Recent tastings have included Pan Fried Gnocchi with Slow Poached farm egg, smoked steelhead caviar and  chicory.