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Explore the Best Restaurants on Canton Street in Roswell, GA

Nestled in the heart of downtown Roswell, Canton Street is the epitome of charm with its historic ambiance, sidewalk cafes, and boutique shops. This picturesque street is not just about looks; it’s a culinary treasure trove. From April to October, Canton Street throws the best street party in Atlanta, “Alive in Roswell,” every third Thursday. […]

A dish from Sugo in Johns Creek.

The Best Restaurants in Johns Creek

If Johns’ Creek were a person, it wouldn’t be old enough to drink yet! The city was only incorporated in 2006, but since then it’s seen incredible population growth and with it, excellent restaurant options. With an abundance of well-to-do patrons in the area, restaurateurs have been flocking to Johns Creek to open incredible dining options. Here’s our list of Johns Creek’s best restaurants.

A Vietnamese dish from Com Ga Houston

The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Atlanta

When it comes to Asian food, Vietnamese cuisine stands apart. Influenced by its past with French colonialism, the cuisine brings together that history along with the flavors of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China into a delicious amalgamation. There’s more than pho and banh mi at these incredible ATL Vietnamese restaurants.

Where Are the Best Places to Party in Atlanta? (According to Atlanta Influencers)

ATL is a whole vibe.  A good vibe.  A party vibe.  When it comes to hosting your next big bash, shindig, jamboree or gathering, there are almost too many options in the A.  That’s why we decided to go to the experts – specifically, our verified followers on Instagram.  See below for where the creme de la creme like to fete in our official list of the Best Places Party in Atlanta.  

Photo: Yelp

Steak Shapiro’s Top 15 Juiciest Steakhouses

Atlanta, Georgia has more outstanding steak houses than any other city in America.  There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, we are great at BBQ, Soul Food, Asian, Italian, etc.–but it is with bold classic steak houses where we truly separate ourselves from other cities. When you’re a guy named “Steak,” you have tried a few over the years and here is my list of the 15 most perfect steak houses that totally define our city.

Steak Shapiro’s Top 16 Wing Spots In Atlanta

In twenty-five years of talking food and restaurants in Atlanta, there is one conversation where the passion runs the deepest…..WINGS. All shapes and sizes, all flavors, ethnic origins and cultural backgrounds, and I have finally landed on perhaps the most important list ever created.  I give you the wing spots that must be visited to truly understand how we are the wing capital of the world.  In alphabetical order I give you my top 11 wing spots in Atlanta.

Cheeseburger from Bocado

Steak Shapiro’s Top Burgers in Atlanta

 I LOVE BURGERS, I crave them, I think of them constantly, they make me happy.  So it is now time to put my own burger list out in the universe……I give you Steak Tips: the Top Burgers That Matter Most in my Life Right Now. These are the spots that immediately jump in my head when I know it is time to get my burger on! Listed below in alphabetical order.

Andy's Frozen Custard | Photo:

15 of Atlanta’s Best Ice Cream Shops

There’s no better sweet reward for a long day than a heaping, scoop-filled ice cream cone with whatever toppings warm your heart. Since you’ve earned that reward, we listed some of Atlanta’s best ice cream shops – everything from loaded milkshakes to matcha soft serve to small batch wonders to the hippest ice cream chain in the country.

Best Eatertainment Venues in Atlanta

Eatertainment is a pretty uncomfortable portmanteau, but there’s not an obviously better way to describe that specific type of venue – one that prioritizes both a delicious, mouthwatering menu and an engaging, fun night out. Folks throughout Atlanta may have noticed more and more of these venues popping up – from a bowling alley with fancy, five star appetizers to a 30,000 square foot venue where you can spend hours having a blast.

Smoked Wings from Pit Boss BBQ.

Steak Shapiro’s Top 15 BBQ Joints in Atlanta

Okay, so I’m kinda proud of being dubbed the  “Food Guy of Atlanta” and I get asked by folks near and far, what is it Atlanta is truly known for from a dining perspective?  In essence,  what does Atlanta do best?  I have a lot of answers to that question but one of those has to be we have kick-ass BBQ, and it only keeps getting better.

Here’s The Real Scoop on Atlanta’s Michelin Star and Michelin Recommended Restaurants

Here’s the real tea and insider tips and tricks to Atlanta’s Michelin Star and Michelin Recommended Restaurants! Atlanta’s culinary scene is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Whether you’re a foodie seeking the pinnacle of fine dining or simply looking for your next favorite brunch spot, this guide has got you covered. From Michelin-starred gems to budget friendly Bib Gourmand bites, each restaurant offers something uniquely special. 

fried chicken sandwich from bona fide deluxe

Your Dining Guide to Candler Park Restaurants

Atlanta has tons of lovely neighborhoods from North to South and East to West. We want to focus on the dining scene in a cozy Eastside neighborhood. There’s so much to love about Candler Park from summer festivals and the parks to the growing dining scene, of course. Read on for some of our favorite […]

rooftop terrace at drawbar

14 Kick-Ass Ideas for A First Date In and Around Atlanta

While we can’t guarantee that whoever you’re meeting off of Hinge will look like their profile pic, we’ve at least got a great list of first date spots for you so you can rest easy knowing that great vibes, amazing food, and fantastic drinks are in store for your evening! Restaurants and attractions listed below in alphabetical order. 

Duluth Diner - Fried Chicken | Photo:

The Ultimate Duluth Dining Guide

Think outside of the perimeter! There are plenty of hot spots around the Metro area that are dining destinations in and of itself. Case in point: the city of Duluth. This has become a place over-the-years to find fantastic cuisine from around the world. Dive into our Duluth restaurant bucket list and discover something delicious today.

Kamayan spread at Kamayan ATL | Photo: Facebook/kamayanatl

Most Unique Dining Experiences in Atlanta

Sometimes, half of the fun of eating out is in the experience and presentation, and these restaurants in and around Atlanta absolutely deliver on both of those fronts. You will absolutely remember your visit to these unusual dining spots for time to come, and leave with a super fun pic to flex on the gram!

Full spread of food from Atlanta Fish Market.

The Best Restaurants for Your Next Power Lunch

Atlanta is all about business. Besides being known as the “City That’s too Busy to Hate”, Atlanta’s economy is in the top 20 – not just in America, but globally. And for every deal that closes around ATL, it usually happens at a restaurant known for its “Power Lunches”. We’ve put together a few places that are the perfect environment for closing your next deal.

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