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50 Outstanding Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

One of the things that makes Atlanta a Great American City is our Black history and culture. Dining at locally-owned, minority-owned businesses year-round is a great (and delicious) way to support Atlanta's fabric.
The Busy Bee Cafe

Black Owned ATL – A History of the Busy Bee Cafe

There is no doubt that Atlanta is a Great American City because of our rich black culture and history. One of the best places that this culture is represented is in food – specifically soul food. Black people in the Reconstruction and Jim Crow era were treated as second class citizens in the South, and among many indignities…

Chong Qing Hot Pot - Braised Fish

Where To Find Atlanta’s Best Szechuan Cuisine

There’s just something about the dry, hot, spice of Szechuan (alternatively, Sichuan or Szechwan) cuisine which makes you crave it again and again. Szechuan food is a style of Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan Province, known for its strong flavors from the use of Sichuan peppers. Once you get a taste of this heat, you’re going to keep coming back time and time again for more and more. Here are some of Atlanta’s best spots for Szechuan Chinese food! 

Enchiladas from Superica.

Atlanta’s 5 Best Bites After Getting Busy

Cazzie David – Gen Z writer and daughter of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David – recently published a book of essays with one essay in particular titled “Too Full to F___”. In it, she makes the argument that, “Sure, women can eat and then have sex. But they really can’t eat a lot.” Assuming that her argument is sound, we’re going to focus on 5 dishes to eat AFTER bumping uglies so everyone can be satisfied this Valentine’s Day.

Ann's Snack Bar - Ghetto Burger | Photo: Yelp

Atlanta’s Most Iconic Dishes

It’s hard to distill Atlanta’s diverse dining scene into just a few dishes. There are so many fantastic plates around Atlanta, but only a few have stood the test of time and made it to icon status. Here’s our take on those icon status dishes!

Sock's Love BBQ - Brisket Sandwich | Photo:

Steak Shapiro’s Top 12 BBQ Joints in Atlanta

Okay, so I’m kinda proud of being dubbed the  “Food Guy of Atlanta” and I get asked by folks near and far, what is it Atlanta is truly known for from a dining perspective?  In essence,  what does Atlanta do best?  I have a lot of answers to that question but one of those has to be we have kick-ass BBQ, and it only keeps getting better.

10 Mouthwatering Black-Owned Food Trucks in Atlanta

You’ve got to love a great food truck, and there are so many delicious ones in town to add to your bucket list. Here are some of our favorite Black-owned food tracks that we just keep coming back to time and time again! 

The louwill lemon pepper bbq wings from Magic City.

Atlanta’s 5 Horniest Dishes

How can you tell if a dish is horny? When you look at it and it says right back to you, “Eat me.” Dirty jokes aside, there are some dishes around Atlanta that have an effervescent sensuality. For part of our Valentine’s Day coverage this year, we’re putting a spotlight on a few ATL dishes that are thirsty and looking to be devoured!

Yum Yum Shrimp Garlic Noodle from Food Terminal.

7 Superfood Dishes To Boost Your Immunity Around Atlanta

As hard as it may be to accept, what we eat actually does make a difference to our health. Your immune system is powered by the nutrients you put in your body, so if you find yourself feeling under the weather more often than you’d like, your diet can be a key factor (unless you’re fighting off a global-pandemic-causing virus, in which case – wear a mask!). With that in mind, here are a few incredible tasting, superfood focused dishes around Atlanta that will add some nutritional nitrous oxide to your immunity.

Bread TikTok

We’re Obsessed With These Bread and Pasta TikTokers

It’s not just for Gen Z and cringy dance moves anymore–Tik Tok has become a veritable content oasis that we can spends hours and hours scrolling through. The best part, in our opinion? The totally drool-worthy recipes and cooking videos. Here are some carb heavy food TikToks we’ve discovered lately and *cannot* stop thinking about. 

The Garden Room - Interior | Photo:

29 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in Atlanta

Call us biased, but we think ATL is one of the most romantic (and delicious) cities in the U.S.A.! And we can prove it with these restaurants that truly deliver both gourmet cuisine and romance. Here are our top picks for the top 29 romantic restaurants and places in Atlanta, perfect for you and your boo’s next night out on the town.

13 Kick-Ass Places for A First Date in Atlanta

If this year has you entering or reentering the dating scene, fear not. While we can’t guarantee that whoever you’re meeting off of Hinge will look like their profile pic, we’ve at least got a great list of first date spots for you so you can rest easy knowing that at least great vibes, amazing food, and fantastic drinks are in store for your evening! Restaurants and attractions listed below in alphabetical order. 

Osha Thai Sushi Galleria - Red Snapper

The Buckhead Neighborhood Restaurant Dining Guide

The Buckhead neighborhood has long held the title as the dining destination in Atlanta, even before there was the explosion of great cuisine that resulted in what we see today in a fantastic restaurant on every corner. Tase test for yourself if they still deserve the crown with our guide to some of the classic and new, can’t miss, bucket list eats in Buckhead. 

The Poutine from The General Muir

7 Absurdly Delicious Ways to Totally Destroy Your New Year’s Resolutions

What’s your dietary resolution this year? Less sugar? Cutting down on carbs? Trimming out foods with fat? Or, maybe you’re just laughing in the face of all those resolutions! For that, we salute you. After a year like 2020, you’ve earned it. Join us in celebrating some incredible dishes that we’ll devour happily and without guilt while we laugh in the face of New Years Resolutions.

One Eared Stag - Meatstick Burger | Photo:

Steak Shapiro’s Top Ten Burgers in Atlanta

More often than than not, when someone asks me “What are you in the mood for?”–and I get asked that a lot–it’s hard to envision anything I will enjoy more than a medium rare cheeseburger with the freshest bun and various fresh toppings accompanying them.  I LOVE BURGERS, I crave them, I think of them constantly, they make me happy.  So it is now time to put my own burger list out in the universe……I give you the Top Ten Burgers That Matter Most in My Life Right Now.

The General Muir - Burger | Photo: Facebook/TheGeneralMuir via @englishanj

7 Hot, New Restaurants Just Opened Up in Atlanta

Let’s all take a moment to manifest good vibes and good food in ATL this year. And that should hopefully be a little easier with a meal from one of these hot, new restaurants that just opened up! Grab a meal to go from these spots or dine-in or on their patio–whatever you feel most comfortable with at this time. 

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