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Pupusas from Pupuseria Mi Tierra.

The 10 Best Pupusa Places in Atlanta

Pupusas are one of Latin America’s greatest low-cost exports – a masa cake filled with cheese, beans, meat or whatever else they’re coming up with in a Salvadorian kitchen. With an incredibly vibrant Latin American and Salvadorian community around Atlanta, there’s tons of options for finding a pupusa near you.

Kevin Rathbun Steak dry aged USDA Prime.

Must Try Meals in ATL for Meat Lovers

If “meatless Mondays” sounds like your worst nightmare and a big juicy burger, fall-off-the-bone ribs, or decked out Philly Cheesesteak are much more your style, then this is the article for you. Check it out for yourself–or maybe treat Dad this Father’s Day to one of these carnivore’s delights! 

Lazy Betty - Soy and Dark Mousse with a Salted Caramel Ice cream | Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee via Facebook/lazybettyatl

Atlanta’s Top Chef’s Tasting Menus

Atlanta is filled with restaurants for people with great taste. 🥂✨ Here are some of our favorite tasting menus around the city, curated by ATL’s top chefs and totally worth the indulgence. And if great design and decor is as important to you as great food, be sure to visit Georgia Furniture Mart for all your furniture needs.

Boozy Blueberry Mint Rye Lemonade Recipe With WhistlePig PiggyBack

You’ve got to love a lemonade with some whiskey in it. We’ve got a new cocktail recipe for you–a Blueberry Mint Rye Lemonade recipe made with WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye. Mixologist Phil Armijo and host Julie Smith are downing these perfect for poolside-sipping cocktails in our latest episode. Julie shares some interesting facts about lemonade’s role in medieval history, while Phil gives facts about the history behind WhistlePig PiggyBack. 

Roc South - French Toast

Phenomenal French Toast Around Town

Biscuits. Chicken and waffles. French toast. No matter your brunch preference, you can dine like a king in a delicious city like ours. Here are some places in ATL that have particularly delicious French toast!

Red Lobster - Cheddar Biscuits

Atlanta Eats Staff Picks: Our Favorite Chain Restaurant Guilty Pleasures

We may get to eat at Atlanta’s best restaurants on a regular basis filming for Atlanta Eats TV, but that doesn’t make the Atlanta Eats staff immune to the lure of a Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit. Here are some of our favorite guilty pleasures from local chain restaurants and fast food spots.

Ford’s Spanish Gin and Tonic Recipe

It’s a fresh Ford’s Gin Spanish Gin and Tonic recipe just in time for summer!  Mixologist Phil Armijo and host Julie Smith are ginning up some interesting facts about the classic spirit made from juniper berries.  Get a wine glass ready and your favorite aromatics to customize the drink yourself – or follow along with Phil and Julie as they add Fever-Tree aromatic, along with lemon, raspberry and thyme to this sunny summer swill. 

The exterior of Northside Tavern.

Atlanta’s Iconic Dive Bars

Who else is ready to take their Pfizer shots out for a spin at ATL’s various down and dirty dive bars? There’s a lot of change happening in ATL, but one thing that stays the same is our city’s iconic dive bars. Hop on over and visit one of these joints this holiday weekend.

Sides from Lake and Oak BBQ.

9 of ATL’s Best BBQ Sides

Smell that, Atlanta? It’s BBQ Season and the grills, green eggs and coal pits are smoking! But we’ve already told you where you can get mouthwatering smoked meats all around the metro. Instead, we’d like to focus on things that make that smokering sing – BBQ sides! Whether it’s collards and black eyed peas or Mac and cheese and cream corn, we’ve got classic and new takes on the stuff that somehow tastes better coming out of round plastic Tupperware.

Chengdu Cold Noodles from Gu's Kitchen.

Steak Shapiro’s Top 7 Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Atlanta

Chinese food, ahh how much do we all love it? A lot! In the Shapiro home it has always been a Sunday night tradition but it goes way deeper than that.  I love it for a business lunch, I love it on Buford Highway when celebrating a birthday,  I love it when folks are in from out of town and I am wanting to show off the culinary diversity of our city.

Kamayan ATL - Kamayan Feast | Photo:

Fantastic Filipino Food Around Atlanta

Until recently, you’d be hard-pressed to find even one Filipino joint in Atlanta. But now, quite a few have popped up around town, serving up the flavors and flair of the Philippines. Get ready to dive into some lumpia and sisig–we’re learning all about this unique cuisine that takes the best of culinary influences from Spain, China, and the U.S.A.

Flying Biscuit Cafe - Shrimp 'N Grits

The 10 Best Shrimp Dishes in Atlanta Right Now

We may be landlocked in the Northwestern part of the Peach State, but there’s plenty of delicious catch just a short drive away. Thanks to under appreciated invention of refrigerated trucks and airplanes, we can get the freshest shellfish straight from the gulf to the A. So in honor of this crave able crustacean, we’re looking at ten delicious dishes in the area that make their shrimp shine!

Chili Lime Margarita Recipe

A Chili Lime Margarita recipe just in time for summer! Get your salt and spices mixed, the rim of your glass ready and the lime squeezed – we’re making margaritas. Host Julie Smith avoids the spicier stuff, but mixologist Phil Armijo is going to make her a perfectly balanced drink she’ll love. Make sure you’ve got your El Jimador silver tequila and your angostura bitters ready to go – on the latest episode of The Mix. For more info, go to 

Northern China Eatery's Soup Dumplings

Where To Find Atlanta’s Best Dumplings

A dumpling is some truly magical foodstuff, found throughout all different cultures around the world. From Poland’s pierogi, to China’s soup dumplings, to the American South’s chicken and dumplings, we love this food in all its glorious forms. Here are some fantastic ones around town, no matter what style you’re craving.

Hibachi dish from Nakato

Where To Find Hibachi in Atlanta

It’s a dinner and a show, all in one. Here’s a list of spots around ATL serving up some fun and flavorful hibachi, cooked right before your eyes at your table!

Mama Pernice and sons at Coalition Food + Beverage.

5 Atlanta Restaurants That Prove Mom Knows Best

Nothing tastes the way mama makes it, and that’s especially true for some of Atlanta’s best chefs. The love of food – or anything for that matter – comes from special childhood moments. And there’s nothing more special than tasting something your mother made you with love. That’s why these 5 Atlanta restaurants all make incredible meals – they’re influenced by taste, smell and sight of the dishes we grew up loving.

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