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Truly Perfect Patios Around Atlanta

When the sun is out and the air is warm, you better believe we’re all eating outside! Enjoying a drink and a meal on a patio just makes everything a little better. Check out one of these cool restaurants that offer the perfect patio atmosphere and even better food!
Habitat ATL- Costras & B'alam

6 Beautiful Rooftop Restaurants In Buckhead

What’s better than kicking back and heading to a rooftop restaurant in the city? Buckhead features all the hottest locations for all occasions. If it involves a nice meal with a view, you know we’re there. Check out these rooftop restaurants to see which one you’ll be going to first!

Essential Farmer’s Markets Around Atlanta

Food just tastes better when you know it’s local, and Atlanta’s glorious farmers markets around town are the perfect way to find local produce, baked goods, handmade goods, and more. Here are a few of our favorites that take the chore out of grocery shopping and instead make it a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 

Ladybird - Exterior Patio | Photo: Facebook/LadybirdGroveAndMessHall

Truly Perfect Patios Around Atlanta

When the sun is out and the air is warm, you better believe we’re all eating outside! Enjoying a drink and a meal on a patio just makes everything a little better. Check out one of these cool restaurants that offer the perfect patio atmosphere and even better food!

Inman Park Dining Guide

Inman Park is one of Atlanta’s most charming neighborhoods, with a vibrant and bustling community. There’s no shortage of things to do in Inman Park, as well as an astounding amount of fantastic restaurants everywhere you turn. Here are some of our favorites…

Yay Beignets | Photo: Facebook/yaybeignet

Steak Shapiro’s Top Cajun Restaurants

While we’re never going to be confused with New Orleans, we do have quite a few restaurants doing us proud in the cajun/creole/New Orleans food front and we keep getting better at it. Take a look at these restaurants serving up the good Louisiana stuff around Atlanta if you find yourself in need of a great po boy fix. I present to you my pick for some of Atlanta’s top cajun restaurants in alphabetical order. 

13 of Atlanta’s Most Instagrammable Brunch Spots

Do it for the gram! Make brunch more than a delicious combo of eggs and pancakes and bacon. Make it an experience to remember and document at these beautiful brunch spots around town that are totally instagrammable.

6 Best Delis in Atlanta

While Atlanta isn’t exactly known for its deli scene, we actually have a surprisingly solid lineup of delicatessens to choose from. Whether you’re craving a toasted everything bagel with chive schmear or a pastrami sandwich on rye, here are some places you need to add to your breakfast, brunch, or lunch rotation.

The Absolute *Best* Restaurants in Athens, GA

Athens, Georgia is the greatest college town on the planet. The Classic City has everything, but what separates Athens from so many other college towns is its unbelievable food scene. The restaurants run the gamut from cheap pizza to decadent desserts, so no matter your craving, you’ll undoubtedly find something that will hit the spot. Here are just a few of the finest restaurants in Athens near the UGA campus.

Atlanta’s 7 Best Breakfast Burritos

One of life’s simplest pleasures is the breakfast burrito. The only thing better than breakfast food is Mexican food, so what happens when you combine the two?  Heaven, that’s what. Here are some of the very best breakfast burritos that Atlanta has to offer.

The Busy Bee Cafe

13 Oldest Restaurants in Atlanta

Atlanta seems to have a new restaurant popping up every day. But don’t let these steal you away from some of the most legendary institutions in Atlanta. Every one of these places spans back at least fifty years. The history of Atlanta is told through these storied bricks, especially in the time-tested food these places serve up. Here are 13 of the oldest restaurants in Atlanta, and their fascinating stories.

Fried pickles from Lucky's Burger and Brew

The Best Deep Fried Dishes in Atlanta

There’s something about the exterior CRUNCH. The interior softness. The steam coming from inside. The best deep fried dishes in Atlanta are all battered beautifully and edep fried. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory or in between, we’re sharing a few of our favorites in our list here.

A fried chicken sandwich from Bob and Harriet's Homebar in Kirkwood

Kirkwood Dining Guide

Tree lined streets, charming shops and bungalows beyond the eye can see – Kirkwood is a little paradise of walkability among the Atlanta sprawl. And with more and more out of towners coming to the city and looking for proximity to the east side, there’s no better place to look to settle down.

Chicken salad sandwich from Henri's in Buckhead

The Best Places to Get Chicken Salad in Atlanta

There are a few foods that can only be described as Southern. Fried green tomatoes, corn bread, sweet peas and everything from Soul Food to the Low Country covers the spectrum. But there’s one dish that’s been around for centuries and hasn’t changed too much since the Southern cookbooks it first started appearing in during the 1800’s – Chicken Salad.

Cypress St - Nachos | Photo: Facebook/cypressBARATL

11 Delicious Restaurants Near Georgia Tech

Right smack dab in the middle of Midtown, Georgia Tech is lucky to be surrounded by a litany of great restaurants accommodating every budget. So whether you’re a student looking for a cheap eat or a parent visiting your kid and wanting to go somewhere a little nicer, there’s something delicious for you. Here’s a list of great spots in alphabetical order. 

Munchies Perfect for Your 4/20

Whether you’re celebrating 4/20 or not, we want to make your day just that much more special with our exclusive guide for maximizing your munchability. Here’s a mighty lineup of places to eat, no matter the time of day, that will hit the spot for your munchies.

Artwork: Mack Williams

This Is Why Atlanta Is Simply The Best

Atlanta area folks love to gripe about all the things we hate in this city, but what about all the reasons to love ATL? Because the truth is, no matter how many steel plates we have to drive over on our commute home, we’d never call anywhere else home. Here’s a nonexhaustive list of over 200 reasons that Atlanta is the greatest city on Earth. 

The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food in ATL

Is there any food as beloved in America as Mexican food? We think not, and we love all the varieties available, from cheesy Tex-mex goodness, to authentic street tacos on corn tortillas, to authentic birria. Here’s a round-up on the greatest Mexican spots to be found in ATL no matter what kind of flavor you’re in the mood for.

The Ultimate Woodstock Dining Guide

Woodstock has been dubbed “A City Unexpected”. You may dismiss it because it’s over thirty minutes north of Atlanta, but you’d be making a huge mistake. It possesses a unique blend of modernity and timelessness, feeling simultaneously trendy yet old-fashioned. It only makes sense that its food reflects that balance! Here are just a few of the finest places to grab a bite in Woodstock, from hole-in-the-wall Venezuelan to creative New Southern to devastatingly fresh Korean BBQ.

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