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These Birria Tacos Are Taking Over Instagram

And we're here to give you the skinny (or maybe the gordo) on them and where to find them! Birria is a Mexican dish that originated in the state of Jalisco. Birria is a meat stew made usually from adobo marinated goat meat but can also be made from beef or other types of meat. It's become wildly popular in the United States and this savory dish has made its way to Georgia.

13 Restaurants for the Ultimate Cheat Meal in Atlanta

We know eating healthy is hard but when you get a cheat day, it’s time to treat YO SELF! Here are 13 restaurants where you can indulge in the ultimate cheat meal! Try not to make your cheat day turn into a cheat weekend…. Or do!!

Hsu's Atlanta - Lo Mein | Photo: Yelp

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Food in Atlanta

Atlanta is so much more than fried chicken and fried green tomatoes (though we have got some GREAT places for those as well). It also features global cuisine from all over the world, including the varied flavors from all the different regions of China. Whether you want Szechuan spice, xiao long bao, dim sum, or orange chicken, there’s no shortage of places to visit in Atlanta for your next Chinese food fix!  

Biriyani from Deshi Street.

7 Buford Highway Restaurants for Late Night Dining

We all love our Waffle House in Atlanta, but sometimes you need to diversify your late night choices. Luckily, Buford Highway has tons of late night options for those who aren’t working your typical 9 to 5 or are maybe looking for that ever important fourth meal of the day.

The Chairman's Reserve rum barrel from SOS Tiki Bar.

5 Great Places to Get a Shot in Atlanta

Every adult in Atlanta is eligible to get a COVID vaccine now, so after you get a shot (and you’ve waited the two weeks to head out) we decided to create a list of places where you can celebrate with a shot. Whether you’re looking for an incredible view, great rum or tequila selections, the perfect dive bar, or a fun night with friends, keep reading for our list of ATL’s best shots!

The Optimist Lobster Roll

Where to Find Atlanta’s Freshest Seafood

Spending the summer in Atlanta has many perks, but being 5 hours away from the beach is definitely not one of them. Luckily, we’re here to fulfill even your saltiest dreams – with seafood! Many restaurants across Atlanta are serving up all kinds of foods from the sea, all summer long. Although you may not be able to feel the ocean breeze from Atlanta, these seafood restaurants are sure to satisfy your seafood cravings.

Urban Bourbon Manhattan Recipe

Bring on the Bourbon! We’re making an Urban Bourbon Manhattan recipe on this episode of the Mix, all while learning about Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail and history. Luckily, we have Louisville native Julie Smith to walk us through a bourbon flight, tell us all about her hometown (including details about a ghost named Willie) and why Carrie Nation gets a shoutout on the All Nations Bourbon bottle. Watch for a step by step guide to making the Manhattan – full recipe below!

Poke Burri - Sushi Burritos | Photo: Facebook/pheastatl

What’s New At The Battery

If you’re like us, you’ve missed crowds. Especially on a summer afternoon at the Battery with your friends and a ballgame on deck. Luckily, things might be getting back to normal this summer just in time for the Braves to keep the Battery buzzing. We’re highlighting a few fun places below that opened this year and in 2020 (for those who haven’t ventured to Cobb during the pandemic). Make some plans to meet up with your friends this summer and head to one of these spots.

Snooze - Funky Monkey French Toast | Photo: Facebook/Snooze.Official.Page

7 Hot, New Restaurants Just Opened in Atlanta

The Atlanta dining scene is heating up with these new additions to the city! The hottest cocktail bar in town, a new Italian spot in West Midtown, and a brand new brunch spot in Sandy Springs are all things to look forward to visiting this month.

Atlanta’s Top Cocktail Bars

You can SHAKE UP your weekend plans with a fabulous cocktail at some of Atlanta’s TOP SHELF cocktail bars. We think you’ll find our recommendations to be very NEAT. So take a look at our list and let the drinking be GIN!

Birria El Gordo - Tacos And Consome | Photo: Facebook/birriaelgordoatl

These Birria Tacos Are Taking Over Instagram

And we’re here to give you the skinny (or maybe the gordo) on them and where to find them! Birria is a Mexican dish that originated in the state of Jalisco. Birria is a meat stew made usually from adobo marinated goat meat but can also be made from beef or other types of meat. It’s become wildly popular in the United States and this savory dish has made its way to Georgia.

Whiskey Irish Mule Recipe

We have a Whiskey Irish Mule recipe for you this week from The Mix, and it’s so simple you have no excuse not to make it at home. With a simple mix of Slane Irish Whiskey and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, this Whiskey Irish Mule is the perfect drink for your upcoming spring and summer get togethers. It’s best served in a copper mule mug with ice to amplify that incredible effervescence, and garnished with lime and mint. Get to mixing by reading the recipe below!

The confit wings from Atkins Park.

The Best Atlanta Places For Fans To Watch (Your Team Here) in the NCAA Tournament

2020 may have been a tough year, but 2021 is lookin’ up! Your team is in the tourney, spring and summer weather is on the way and you might have a little more flexibility than ever before to hop on over to your favorite team bar and catch the first round. But if you’re not familiar with where to watch with like minded folks, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite team bars in Atlanta and the fans that flock there.

Snowflake Tea House - Honey Toast | Photo: Yelp

10 Unique (But Freakin’ Delicious) Meals In Atlanta

Atlanta is a town full of talented chefs and restaurant owners, but some of them are really bringing creativity to a whole new level as well. They’re combining some truly unique flavors to make some rare and unusual dishes that you can’t just find anywhere.

Charred Blood Orange Whiskey Sour Recipe

We’ve launched a new digital show called “The Mix” featuring fantastic, creative, yet easy drink recipes that you can make at home! Check out this Charred Blood Orange Whiskey Sour recipe, a favorite amongst whiskey lovers and non-whisky lovers alike. The cocktail is made with Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey from Jack Daniels, which is filtered twice through sugar maple charcoal – once before it goes into the cask and once before it goes into the bottle. This makes the spirit “Double Mellowed,” much like our new hosts (Atlanta Eats’ Julie Smith and mixologist Phil Armijo) might be after having a couple of these delicious whiskey sours.

Steak Shapiro’s Top 12 Wing Spots In Atlanta

In twenty-five years of talking food and restaurants in Atlanta, there is one conversation where the passion runs the deepest…..WINGS. All shapes and sizes, all flavors, ethnic origins and cultural backgrounds, and I have finally landed on perhaps the most important list ever created.  I give you the wing spots that must be visited to truly understand how we are the wing capital of the world.  In alphabetical order I give you my top 11 wing spots in Atlanta.

Fried Wings and Sauces from Hoots Wings.

Taste Testing + Ranking 10 flavors of Hoots’ Wings

It’s been an exciting month at Atlanta Eats! We just passed the 10,000 subscriber mark on YouTube, and wanted to celebrate the best way we knew how – by eating something. So, we asked our friends at Hoots to send us 100 wings, 10 different ways. We chowed them down live in less than 30 minutes earlier this week – see video below! You can see my rankings of each flavor below – plus what Atlanta Eats’ official Wing Queen (link to Megan’s social) thinks of each flavor.

Signature Cibo Meatballs from Cibo e Beve

29 Women-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

Who run the world? Girls. And who run the Atlanta restaurant scene? These inspiring women who own their own businesses. Celebrate Women’s History Month with an outstanding meal at a women-owned restaurant, owned by the ladies who are currently making history in the Atlanta restaurant industry!

A Guide to ATL’s Best Cajun & Creole Food

If you can’t make the trip to New Orleans, these Atlanta restaurants are the next best thing. They’re bringing the spices, the flavors, the low-country boils, and the beignets to ATL and doing it so, so well.

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