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Atlanta’s 5 Best Breakfast Burritos

One of life’s simplest pleasures is the breakfast burrito. The only thing better than breakfast food is Mexican food, so what happens when you combine the two? 

Heaven, that’s what.

There are a few key attributes that people look for in a breakfast…

It needs to be filling and hearty.

It needs to be easy to eat on the go.

But most importantly…it needs to taste good.

Breakfast burritos satisfy all of the above, and more.

Here are some of the very best that Atlanta has to offer.

Joy Cafe

Breakfast burrito from Joy Cafe

Joy Cafe has far outgrown its roots as a little Southern cafe. Situated in the heart of Midtown, they offer a little bit of everything, from meatloaf to hot fudge pudding cake. Their breakfast burrito is expectedly decadent and incredibly filling. It’s crammed with airy scrambled eggs as well as cheddar, chorizo, avocado, pico de gallo, and sour cream. On the side you’ll find a roasted red pepper and habanero hot sauce plus a tomatillo cream sauce (not to mention some of the crunchiest home fries you’ll ever eat).

First off, any breakfast burrito is immediately elevated when it has chorizo. It’s practically a cheat code: meaty, spicy, and flavorful. Second, eggs are often deprioritized in a breakfast burrito, but not here. These eggs are perfectly seasoned and cheesy and the texture is creamy enough to melt in your mouth but not too runny as to slide out. The avocado adds a nice mildness to cut into the rich chorizo, and the pico de gallo is perfectly subtle, adding just enough zip without being overpowering, as pico often can be. The hot sauce has a robust smoky flavor and the tomatillo sauce has an acidic kick that balances out the creaminess. Pour a little bit of each sauce on every bite you take and you’ll be in for a good time. 

Breakfast burritos often leave you with a few plain scraps of tortilla at the end, but Joy Cafe’s did not have that problem. Every inch of the burrito had something fantastic going on.

El Taco Veloz

Ham breakfast burrito from El Taco Veloz

El Taco Veloz is one of the most prestigious bona fide Mexican spots in town. Anthony Bourdain himself stopped by the Buford Highway location and said, in his peerless style, to “drive right the f*** up and get yourself some authentic f***ing deliciousness.” I agree whole-heartedly. Once I found out they had breakfast burritos, I couldn’t drive the f*** up fast enough.

I tried two: one with ham and the other with chorizo. Both had eggs, salsa verde, and plenty of cilantro (I’m fortunate to be of the camp who loves it and doesn’t think it tastes like soap). Any Taco Veloz regular will point you in the direction of the sauce bar. There’s a mild and creamy avocado salsa, a fresh and zesty salsa verde, and a smoky and SPICY red sauce. Combine the avocado and red salsas and, no exaggeration, all of your dreams will come true. When I took a bite with this flavor combo, I involuntarily made a noise that I can’t fully explain, but it’s 100% due to these sauces. 

Chorizo breakfast burrito from El Taco Veloz

These burritos are huge and filled me up all day, but didn’t slow me down or alter my day in the way that burritos are fully capable of doing. There was nothing excessive yet nothing was skimped on. I ate mine next to a group of construction workers each eating their own, so if they were able to take on their days after a burrito, I was able to sit on my laptop and type about food. 

El Tesoro

Chorizo con papas and frijalero burritos from El Tesoro

This Edgewood hotspot is the pride of the neighborhood, with a sprawling patio and a cool atmosphere for drinks and any other fiesta you may have in mind. Their merch is slick and the overall aesthetic guarantees a good time. Now, about that food.

I got two burritos: the chorizo con papas and the frijalero. The first one had, believe it or not, chorizo, plus eggs, onion, and cilantro; the second had refried black beans, eggs, cotija, and pico de gallo. The chorizo burrito found the sweet spot of having that robust meaty flavor without being too heavy. The veggie burrito was surprisingly light though still quite filling from being loaded with beans. It tasted…dare I say…healthy? The cilantro and onion cut through the beans and egg perfectly.

Both of these burritos were pressed so the outside was perfectly crispy and helped them retain their shape more effectively. These were also perfectly no-frills. There was nothing unnecessary about them.

Bell Street Burrito

Breakfast burrito with sausage from Bell Street Burrito

Bell Street Burrito, with three locations (between Midtown and Buckhead, in Inman Park off the Beltline, and in Tucker), is one of the most admired restaurants in Atlanta. We all love burritos, so finding a place that specializes in them is not something to be overlooked. On a crisp Saturday morning, I trekked down the Beltline to the promised land.

Bell Street’s breakfast burritos contain egg, cheese, salsa fresca, shredded cheese, and either bacon or sausage. After a long debate among the staff about which meat to get, I went with sausage. As much as I love chorizo (as the previous three burritos with chorizo might have implied), there’s something so comforting and simply delicious about breakfast sausage. These came with a few chips and two salsas: red and green, which were both fantastic in their own ways. 

No matter what burrito you get at Bell Street, you need to get it grilled. It’s remarkable how something so simple does so much to elevate an already amazing dish. It adds crunch, it adds sturdiness, and it strikes a stunning contrast from the ooey fillings.

Hot Betty’s Breakfast Bar

Breakfast burrito from Hot Betty’s Breakfast Bar

People are sleeping on Tucker! This city is nestled right OTP and has an unbelievable lineup of charming restaurants that will leave any foodie or simpleton satisfied. From BBQ with a twist (Ford’s BBQ) to mouthwatering Japanese cuisine (Kobe Steakhouse), Tucker doesn’t miss. That’s especially true for the unforgettable breakfast spot Hot Betty’s Breakfast Bar.

Not only do they serve breakfast staples like chicken & waffles and huevos rancheros, but they also have a massive bar with boundless beer, wine, and cocktail options. The only thing that makes breakfast better is booze, and Hot Betty’s has nailed both. They also happen to have a fantastic breakfast burrito.

This burrito is loaded with chorizo, eggs, black beans, hominy, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapeno, and salsa verde. As you can guess from the grocery list of ingredients, it’s big and messy with the perfect kick thanks to the jalapenos and salsa.

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