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Atlanta’s 8 Best Breakfast Burritos

One of life’s simplest pleasures is the breakfast burrito. The only thing better than breakfast food is Mexican food, so what happens when you combine the two? 

Heaven, that’s what.

There are a few key attributes that people look for in a breakfast…

It needs to be filling and hearty.

It needs to be easy to eat on the go.

But most importantly…it needs to taste good.

Breakfast burritos satisfy all of the above and more.

Here are some of the very best that Atlanta has to offer.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on October 24, 2021 and last updated on July 18, 2023. Please refer to restaurant websites and social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

Breakfast burrito stuffed with ham, green peppers, eggs, and more, cut in half and stacked on top of one another, with several salsas in the background
Ham breakfast burrito | El Taco Veloz | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

El Taco Veloz

El Taco Veloz is one of the most prestigious bona fide Mexican spots in town. Anthony Bourdain himself stopped by the Buford Highway location and said, in his peerless style, to “drive right the f*** up and get yourself some authentic f***ing deliciousness.” I agree whole-heartedly. Once I found out they had breakfast burritos, I couldn’t drive the f*** up fast enough.

I tried two: one with ham and the other with chorizo. Both had eggs, salsa verde, and plenty of cilantro (I’m fortunate to be of the camp who loves it and doesn’t think it tastes like soap). Any Taco Veloz regular will point you in the direction of the sauce bar. There’s a mild and creamy avocado salsa, a fresh and zesty salsa verde, and a smoky and SPICY red sauce. Combine the avocado and red salsas and, no exaggeration, all of your dreams will come true. When I took a bite with this flavor combo, I involuntarily made a noise that I can’t fully explain, but it’s 100% due to these sauces. 

A breakfast burrito cut in half and stuffed with eggs, chorizo, and more
Chorizo breakfast burrito | El Taco Veloz | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

These burritos are huge and filled me up all day, but didn’t slow me down or alter my day in the way that burritos are fully capable of doing. There was nothing excessive yet nothing was skimped on. I ate mine next to a group of construction workers each eating their own, so if they were able to take on their days after a burrito, I was able to sit on my laptop and type about food. 

Two breakfast burritos cut in half and stacked, one full of chorizo and egg and the other full of beans and eggs. The burritos are on a brown patterned plate on a wooden table.
Chorizo con papas and frijalero burritos | El Tesoro | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

El Tesoro

This Edgewood hotspot is the pride of the neighborhood, with a sprawling patio and a cool atmosphere for drinks and any other fiesta you may have in mind. Their merch is slick and the overall aesthetic guarantees a good time. Now, about that food.

I got two burritos: the chorizo con papas and the frijalero. The first one had, believe it or not, chorizo, plus eggs, onion, and cilantro; the second had refried black beans, eggs, cotija, and pico de gallo. The chorizo burrito found the sweet spot of having that robust meaty flavor without being too heavy. The veggie burrito was surprisingly light though still quite filling from being loaded with beans. It tasted…dare I say…healthy? The cilantro and onion cut through the beans and egg perfectly.

Both of these burritos were pressed so the outside was perfectly crispy and helped them retain their shape more effectively. These were also perfectly no-frills. There was nothing unnecessary about them.

A breakfast burrito cut in half, with sausage, eggs, salsa, and more. A hand is holding the burrito.
Breakfast burrito with sausage | Bell Street Burrito | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Bell Street Burritos

Bell Street Burritos, with three locations (between Midtown and Buckhead, in Inman Park off the Beltline, and in Tucker), is one of the most admired restaurants in Atlanta. We all love burritos, so finding a place that specializes in them is not something to be overlooked. On a crisp Saturday morning, I trekked down the Beltline to the promised land.

Bell Street’s breakfast burritos contain egg, cheese, salsa fresca, shredded cheese, and either bacon or sausage. After a long debate among the staff about which meat to get, I went with sausage. As much as I love chorizo (as the previous three burritos with chorizo might have implied), there’s something so comforting and simply delicious about breakfast sausage. These came with a few chips and two salsas: red and green, which were both fantastic in their own ways. 

No matter what burrito you get at Bell Street, you need to get it grilled. It’s remarkable how something so simple does so much to elevate an already amazing dish. It adds crunch, it adds sturdiness, and it strikes a stunning contrast from the ooey fillings.

A breakfast burrito sliced in half and stacked one on top of another. The burrito has eggs, bacon, potatoes, and more.
Johnny Utah burrito | Muchacho | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss


Muchacho dared to ask the question, “what if our coffee shop had tacos?” and Atlanta is better off for it. From 8 AM to midnight every day of the week but Monday, this trendy spot on Memorial serves coffee drinks, booze, thoughtful bowls and sandos, and, of course, breakfast tacos and burritos (though those are only available until 11 AM).
While you can get a wide variety of tacos, their breakfast burrito is essentially limited to two options: vegan (Tommy Chong) or not (Johnny Utah). With no offense to plant-based eaters (and I love and respect them…see my vegan burger blog), I had to try the Johnny Utah, with eggs, bacon, cheddar and jack cheese, spiced potatoes, and zhoug (a Yemeni hot sauce).
Oh, it’s a good one. The bacon is smoky and chewy, which nicely complements the crunch of the pressed tortilla. The potato is subtle but adds a nice burst of flavor, thickening the burrito from the creamy eggs. I got mine with a side of the mild and sweet roja salsa and the fresh spicy salsa verde, each of which brought new dimensions to each bite. Plus, breakfast burritos go tremendously well with a cup of cold brew or any of the other creative coffee and espresso concoctions you can get at Muchacho.
Breakfast burrito in a green wrap sliced in half and displayed to the camera, full of deli meat, avocado, tomato, and more
New York Symphony wrap | Brooklyn Bagel & Deli | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Brooklyn Bagel & Deli

Let’s address the elephant in the room: these are breakfast WRAPS, not breakfast burritos. But I’ve done a lot of soul searching and consulted with many (self-proclaimed) burrito gurus and I feel comfortable including this on the list. It’s got eggs, meat, and veggies, and it’s in a tortilla…how could it possibly not count as a burrito?
While Brooklyn Bagel & Deli is famous for their best-in-town bagels, they carry that same level of quality with their wraps. An added bonus to each of these wraps is that they’re actually healthy! The Power Wrap, with egg white, turkey, spinach, and Swiss will fill you up without leaving you stuffed, a common side effect of the average breakfast burrito (though we love them for it!) You can crank it up a notch with the New York Symphony, which includes everything from the Power Wrap, but swaps the swiss for feta and adds tomato and avocado.
I got the New York Symphony and definitely think it’s the way to go if you enjoy all the fillings. The deli turkey takes center stage while the sauteed spinach, egg white, tomato, and avocado fill in any of the gaps. The flavors have a ton of depth, but the textures really steal the show; the crispy turkey, the firm egg white, the silky avocado, and the chewy spinach all marry into a succession of perfect bite after perfect bite.
Two densely-packed breakfast burritos cut in half and displayed to the camera in a hand
Ludacris and Jermaine Dupree burritos | Poco Loco | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Poco Loco

Poco Loco is your classic local burrito stand. Located in a tiny storefront just south of Decatur, you can’t help but feel like an insider when you place your order either to-go or to enjoy on the picnic tables sprinkled out front. It’s only open Thursday – Saturday from 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM and the burrito selections change every single week, so every visit will be unique and unreplicable. 

The week I went, the lineup was the Jermaine Dupree: a hearty vegetarian option with green chile hash brown casserole, eggs, roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, and cheese; and the Ludacris: a delightfully spicy and smoky combo with Pine Street Market bacon, eggs, chipotle white beans, sweet potato home fries, pickled jalapenos, and American cheese. 

The soft and chewy flour tortillas are made in-house and elevate the killer fillings to a product even more special, a sum truly greater than its parts. Flavor aside, the burritos are an easy handheld treat; you can eat yours on the go or hunched over like a ravenous raccoon. Plus, there are several frozen burrito options available for you to enjoy on a future date.

Breakfast burrito with a red wrap, split in half and full of pulled pork, corn, tomatoes, feta, and green garnish
Pulled Pork & Elotes Omelette Wrap | Sean’s Harvest Market | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Sean’s Harvest Market

Whether you just ran a 10K around Piedmont Park or you’re battling a hangover, Sean’s Harvest Market is just what the doctor ordered. They have it all: coffee, smoothies, biscuit sandwiches…but at this point, you probably know what I’m about to talk about.

Don’t let the fancy name fool you…the Pulled Pork & Elotes Omelette Wrap is a breakfast burrito. It’s full of crispy grilled pulled pork, Mexican street corn, tomato, feta, and fried egg. The pork has a sweetness that contrasts well with the milder corn. The fried egg adds a crispiness that scrambled eggs simply wouldn’t bring. Finally, the feta and tomato round out the unique flavor profile of everything in the firm, pressed tortilla. This is a delicious all-day breakfast treat, but you might as well get a smoothie as well to wash it down. 

A stacked breakfast burrito wrapped in foil and stuffed with chunks of chicken, scrambled eggs, spinach, and cheese
Breakfast Burrito | Metro Fresh | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Metro Fresh

Well before the Midtown Promenade neighborhood had a Trader Joe’s or even a notion of what the Beltline would become, Metro Fresh came to town. For nearly two decades, they’ve been slinging tons of healthy options with fresh and seasonal ingredients. One of the mainstays of their menu is the Breakfast Burrito.

This burrito has grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, baby spinach, and jack cheese. Due to these lighter ingredients and reasonable size, it feels healthier than most burritos. I haven’t had many burritos with grilled chicken but this is hopefully the start of a beautiful relationship with it.

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