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10 Unique (But Freakin’ Delicious) Meals In Atlanta

Atlanta is a town full of talented chefs and restaurant owners, but some of them are really bringing creativity to a whole new level as well. They’re combining some truly unique flavors to make some rare and unusual dishes that you can’t just find anywhere.

Apt 4B - Oxtail Hummus | Photo: Facebook/apt4b
Apt 4B – Oxtail Hummus | Photo: Facebook/apt4b

Apt 4b – Oxtail Hummus

Apt 4b is serving up all the flavors of the Caribbean but with a unique twist! This funky Buckhead spot is headed by Chef Dayana Joseph, the Haitan-born creative mastermind behind inventive fare like oxtail hummus, tamarind glazed short ribs, and oxtail bucatini. We gotta give kudos to her for taking our Caribbean favorites and remixing them into something new and just as delicious! Apt 4b also has a great atmosphere and fantastic cocktails, so make this upscale spot your next girl’s night or date night destination! 

Poke Burri - Sushi Pizza | Photo:
Poke Burri – Sushi Pizza | Photo:

Poke Burri – Sushi Burritos and Pizzas

It seems like every corner of Atlanta now has a poke spot, but there aren’t many places that are doing poke like this! Poke Burri makes food fun and oh so instagrammable with their uniquely shaped poke that includes poke burritos, poke donuts, and poke pizzas. They have locations in Atlanta that include the Battery, Duluth, and East Atlanta Village. 


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BB’s Bagels – Rainbow Bagels With Kit Kat Cream Cheese 

For the best bagels in Atlanta, you gotta head slightly outside of ATL to Bb’s Bagels. They’ve got the perfect amount of chew, and they’re also the size of your head! For something fun and unique, give their rainbow bagels a try, which are just plain bagels but with some technicolor added to them. If you want a bit of unique flavor too, then give their kit kat cream cheese a try!

The Big Oak Black Wings from Big Oak Tavern.

Big Oak Tavern – Black Soy Sauce Wings

Big Oak Tavern from Chef Nate Armstrong is a gem in the heart of historic Roswell. We loooove their soul food Sunday offerings and their hearty tavern fare any day of the week. And their brunch is also phenomenal! But the most unusual item on their menu is their inky black soy sauce wings that pack quite a punch. They are baked then fried and tossed in a black soy and honey brine sauce then garnished with mandarin oranges, and totally unique! 

Millas Macarons - Ube Macaron Cake | Photo:
Millas Macarons – Ube Macaron Cake | Photo:

Milla’s Macarons – Macaron Cake

This pick-up only spot has got some of the most beautiful macarons we’ve ever seen–and unique flavors, to boot! Their macaron cake is a feast for your eyes and your tastebud, especially if you get them in a Ube flavors with Chocolate Ganache. Milla’s Macarons also offer Japanese cotton cheesecake and macaron ice cream sandwiches, bringing the art of Japanese patisserie to ATL! 

Miller Union - Farm Egg | Photo: Facebook/MillerUnion
Miller Union – Farm Egg | Photo: Facebook/MillerUnion

Miller Union – Farm Egg

We had thought we had had eggs in every which way possible until we encountered the farm egg at Miller Union. These eggs are baked in a celery cream and served with crusty grilled bread. It’s creamy, it’s flavorful, and it’s a must try for any serious foodie in Atlanta! 


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Paige’s Pastries – Peach Cobbler Eggrolls 

We love eggrolls. We love peach cobbler. And we looove Paige’s Pastries totally unique and outrageously delicious peach cobbler eggrolls. This rockin’ little food truck can be found around roaming town and is also a top staple in the Triton Yards food truck in Capitol View. Another thing you must try is their jacked up on mac burger, a delicious blend of mac and cheese and BBQ chicken on top of a burger1 

PONKO Chicken – Hot Dog

PONKO Chicken – Panko Fried Hot Dog 

In Atlanta, we know fried chicken and PONKO tops the list for its unique and totally addicting Japanese style fried chicken (and their fries topped with “Foodie Flakes” totally slap, too!). But something fun and more unusual that they also do is a panko fried beef hot dog topped with slaw. Give it a try for a hot dog like you’ve never had before!  

Snowflake Tea House - Honey Toast | Photo: Yelp
Snowflake Tea House – Honey Toast | Photo: Yelp

Snowflake Tea House – Honey Toast

Highly jealous of Duluth area folks who get to have treats like this on the regular. Snowflake Tea House in Duluth has a dish called honey toast that’s a totally instagrammable blend of the ice cream of your choice, toppings, and crispy Jenga style bread.  Honey toast, also called brick toast, is a popular Japanese dessert that can also oftentimes be found in Singapore and Taiwan–and currently, can only be found at Snowflake Tea House in Atlanta. Give this scrumptious dessert a try! 

Velvet Taco - Assorted Tacos | Photo: Facebook/velvettaco
Velvet Taco – Assorted Tacos | Photo: Facebook/velvettaco

Velvet Taco – Spicy Tikka Chicken Taco

Fusion often gets a bad rap, but we must submit Velvet Taco for your consideration. There’s nothing “traditional” or “authentic” about their tacos, but we love the unique flavors and twists they’re bringing. If you love Chicken Tikka Masala, you’re gonna love their spicy tikka chicken tacos with crisp tenders, a spicy tikka sauce, buttered cilantro basmati rice, and Thai basil all folded in a flour tortilla. But that’s not the only unique item on the menu. They’ve also got fried paneer tacos, Nashville hot tofu tacos, Kobe bacon burger tacos, and shrimp ‘n grits tacos. And all these flavors totally work. Yeah, you’ve probably never had tacos like these! 


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