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5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pop-up’s in Atlanta 💘

If you love a themed pop-up as much as we do, you’re in luck. Love is in the air at several restaurants around Atlanta! From decking out the whole place in pink and red to themed food and cocktails, you’re gonna want to check out these Valentine’s Day pop-up's while you can! 
Cheeseburger from Bocado

What is Atlanta’s Perfect Burger Order?

Nothing beats a burger. We asked a few basic burger questions to our followers and got hundreds of responses. We’re diving into all the responses to see what the average hungry ATLien has to say about burgers, fries, and more. Here’s what we learned…

Where To Get Delicious Hot Pot in Atlanta

Simmering, sensational hot pot is a fantastic way to warm yourself up in the cold winter weather (or enjoy any other time of the year)!  Perfect for group dining, hot pot is a cooking technique and cuisine that originated in China. For those unfamiliar with this cuisine, a flame in the middle of a dining table keeps pot of flavorful broth simmering, and you’ll add delicious meat and vegetables to the broth and cook them to your liking. It’s an interactive way to enjoy your meal amongst friends. 

Photo: Facebook/community qbbq via Instagram/ @jitodiaz

The Ultimate Decatur Dining Guide

Decatur is a city of contrasts. It has a small-town feel but is full of big city restaurants. It’s a quiet and unassuming community yet attracts some of the most prominent names in the food scene. Whether you’re craving a perfectly-poured pint of beer on tap or authentic French fare, you don’t need to look far in Decatur to find something that will hit the spot. 

Where To Get Thanksgiving To-Go in Atlanta

Whoever thinks Thanksgiving is relaxing has clearly never been in charge of cooking the meal. The food might flat out suck. Your turkey might be dry. Your stuffing could be soggy. And maybe that casserole you saw on TikTok didn’t quite translate to your kitchen. Here are some of the restaurants all over the Atlanta area helping to make your Thanksgiving stress-free.

Tofu dish with beer in background

Atlanta’s Best Tofu Dishes

You don’t need to be vegetarian to love tofu. Frankly, what’s NOT to like? Here are some of the most creative and tasty ways that Atlanta restaurants have leveled up what used to be a mere meat alternative into the star of the show.

Atlanta Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Day

Don’t worry about anything this year; make a reservation for Thanksgiving brunch, lunch or dinner! These Atlanta restaurants are giving you the 5 star experience without any of the mess or stress. Get a table before the rest of the city beats you to it!

Man holding sandwich next to pastry display

How A Former Engineer Brought an Authentic French Cafe to Atlanta

Hamid Rouchdi is not your typical restaurateur. He spent decades as an engineer with no prior restaurant experience until he opened his passion project of a French cafe with only the most authentic Parisian fare. Let’s learn more about his wildly unusual path to opening Cafe Vendome.

Storico Vino - Interior } photo: Facebook/storicovino

Snuggle Up at These Cozy Atlanta Restaurants

It’s sweater weather, and there’s not a lot of things more tempting to do than enjoy some comfort food in the warm glow of a fire pit in the company of a close friend or your significant other. Here are some extra homey restaurants, bars, and cafes that are especially irresistible this time of year.

NFA Burger

Steak Shapiro’s Top Burgers in Atlanta

 I LOVE BURGERS, I crave them, I think of them constantly, they make me happy.  So it is now time to put my own burger list out in the universe……I give you Steak Tips: the Top Burgers That Matter Most in my Life Right Now. These are the spots that immediately jump in my head when I know it is time to get my burger on! Listed below in alphabetical order.

Chili and cheese tots from Lucky's Burger and Brew

Where to Find the Best Tater Tots in Atlanta

Are french fries overrated? Many are asking. Whatever your favorite fried spud might be, tater tots are a bar food staple. Here are a few of the best spots in town to get your tater tot on.

La Grotta - Chicken Parmigiana | Photo: Yelp

Steak Shapiro’s Favorite Restaurants For Chicken Parmigiana Around Atlanta

So listen, this body wasn’t built on vegan kale wraps. It was built on yummy and breaded wonders like chicken parmigiana. There are not of finer things in life than a chicken cutlet pounded thin and breaded and served in just the amount of red sauce over noodles. I’ve become quite the chicken parm expert over the years and partaken in quite a few chicken parmesans, so without further ado here’s my very scientific take on Atlanta’s very best chicken parm dishes, in alphabetical order.

Chocolate chip cookie from Corner Cafe

Where to Find Atlanta’s Best Cookies

There’s no treat more comforting even though it can take on so many different forms: thin and crunchy, warm and chewy, crammed with pecans, dunked in chocolate…we could keep going indefinitely. But instead, here’s a list of the tastiest and most unique cookies all over Atlanta.

Bun Factory - Assorted Dishes | Photo: Yelp

Absolutely Delicious Dim Sum Spots Around Atlanta 🥟

While Atlanta isn’t known for dim sum cuisine the way that many cities up and down the West coast are, we do have a few tried and true favorites if you need your fix. Additionally, there are a handful of brand new dim sum spots popping up around the metro area. Check out our list of what we think are the most delicious dim sum restaurants around the Atlanta area (in alphabetical order). 

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