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Most Unique Dining Experiences in Atlanta

Sometimes, half of the fun of eating out is in the experience and presentation, and these restaurants in and around Atlanta absolutely deliver on both of those fronts. Here’s our updated list of unique dining experiences around Atlanta.

The Third Door - Interior | Photo: Facebook/the.third.door
The Third Door – Interior | Photo: Facebook/the.third.door

The Third Door 

Speakeasies are always fun, and the Third Door is no exception. But what makes this place especially unique is that it’s built in a beautifully restored 1920s gas station. You’ll love all the vintage touches, from the velvet curtains, vintage paintings, and 14-foot polished wood bars. There’s currently no food on the menu, but the cocktails are wonderfully inventive and it’s the perfect place to stop by before dinner in Marietta Square. 

Ett | Photo:
Ett | Photo:


Take a small hike through the woods to experience this single seat restaurant. You’ll dine creekside on a seasonal, vegetarian five-course meal for a zero-contact experience that invites you to sit and enjoy nature all by yourself. Pay what you can afford or you can even trade. Reservations are available every Sunday afternoon and some Monday afternoons.  Jessamine Starr, the owner of the Good Food Truck, is the woman behind this super unique endeavor. 

The Consulate - Interiors | Photo:
The Consulate – Interiors | Photo:

The Consulate

This Midtown spot is seriously underrated. They’ve got over-the-top gorgeous and glam interiors, but what makes this place so special is their rotating “Visa” menu of global cuisine. Every 3 months, they revamp the menus to feature new dishes from a new country. Currently, Australian cuisine is featured with dishes like Shrimp on the Barbie, Tasmanian stew, and Aussie burgers. 

Photo; Facebook/Big-Bang-Pizza
Photo: Facebook/Big-Bang-Pizza

Big Bang Pizza

Arghhhh, robots are taking over the world!! But at least this one will bring you pizza. This family-friendly spot is providing affordable eats in Brookhaven, and there are also great lunch specials if you need something quick and cheap. Definitely worth a visit for the novelty alone!

Photo: Facebook/KamayanATL
Photo: Facebook/KamayanATL

Kamayan ATL

Kamayan ATL have been making a name for themselves with pop-ups all over the city of Filipino fusion dishes and most notably, their Kamayan style feasts. Kamayan means “with hands” in Filipino, and at their feasts, you’ll be able to gorge on tons of delicious Filipino comfort food. The menu is constantly changing, but ube, a purple yam popular in the Philippines, and flavorful baos seem to be mainstays on the menu.  Follow them on Instagram to see where they’re headed next!

Tannery Row Ale House - Supreme Pizza
Tannery Row Ale House – Supreme Pizza

Tannery Row Ale House

This place is truly something. The food is phenomenal, first of all–whatever you do, make sure you order the sriracha ribs and the bacon and peanut butter appetizer–but then there’s also so much more to the space. And literally, so much space–36,000 square feet of it! Tannery Row Ale House in Buford, GA is part event-space, part bar, part restaurant, part Artist’s Colony, and part concert venue. There’s tons of fun arcade games, a 17 foot by 11 foot television to watch your favorite team, a vintage car just plopped at the restaurant opening, and tons of great country and singer-songwriter acts always hitting the stage. Check them out sometime!

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Feel like you’ve stepped into Tokyo when you try Kura Sushi! Pluck a dish straight from the revolving conveyor belt, or order your favorite items from the touchpad if you want to cut to the chase. At just over $2 per plate, Kura is also a budget friendly option. If you order 15 plates, you’ll also receive a little toy as a treat!


Every trip to Gunshow is a new experience. Famed chef Kevin Gillespie takes the fun of dim sum dining and makes it high end, so you’ll sit back and relax and choose from the menu items rolling through the dining room on carts. However, due to COVID-19, the experience is a little different these days with a fixed price menu that’s every bit as delicious. Their menu currently includes an eclectic collection of old fashioned banana pudding, kimchi mussel pancake, beef cheek pastrami and crispy pork belly.

R. Thomas Grill – Interior | Photo:
R. Thomas Grill – Interior | Photo:

R. Thomas Grille

“What a strange place. I loved it though,” is what one Yelp reviewer wrote about R. Thomas Grille, and that sentiment pretty much sums up this beloved spot. The interiors are delightfully colorful and look like a hippie aunt decorated it, and there’s tons of parrots and exotic birds outside. They’re open super late so they’re great for a bite to eat after a night out. There’s plenty of healthy-ish foods and vegetarian options to choose from.   

Polaris - Interior | Photo:
Polaris – Interior | Photo:


Polaris is a rotating restaurant at the top of the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel so that you can take in a 360 degree view of downtown. Sure, it’s a little tourist-y, but it’s not everyday you can eat in a restaurant that spins! Go for cocktails or dine-in for an elevated dining experience. They’re closed for dine-in at this time due to COVID-19, but they’re potentially available for private events.

Cubano's ATL - Sandwich
Cubano’s ATL – Sandwich


A cute-as-a-button Cuban sandwich spot has set up shop in Sandy Springs. And what makes this place especially unique is that it operates out of a commercialized tiny home in a parking lot! Cubanos ATL’s menu is small but flavorful, with authentic Cuban sandwiches using old family recipes plus coffee that packs a punch. 


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