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7 Buford Highway Restaurants for Late Night Dining

We all love our Waffle House in Atlanta, but sometimes you need to diversify your late night choices. Luckily, Buford Highway has tons of late night options for those who aren’t working your typical 9 to 5 or are maybe looking for that ever important fourth meal of the day. Either way – whether you’re looking for mouthwatering Mexican, kick-ass Korean, banging’ Bangladeshi and everything else the world brings on BuHi – you’re in for an EPIC late night meal.

Biriyani from Deshi Street.

Deshi Street Bangladeshi Restaurant
Located right by the Plaza Fiesta shopping center, Deshi Street Bangladeshi Restaurant is open until 1:30am 7 nights a week! Serving Bangladeshi and Indian Masala Specials like the Mixed Tikka Masala with chicken, lamb and shrimp along with beautiful Biriyanis served with a raita and egg (we’re partial to the goat biriyani with bone), there’s something satisfying and filling in every dish at Deshi Street Bangladeshi Restaurant.

Shrimp tempura from Shoya Izakaya.

Shoya Izakaya
Looking for late night sushi, udon noodles or tempura? It’s easy to find at Shoya Izayaka. Open until 11:30pm most Tue – Sat, it lives up to it’s izakaya (Japanese tavern) name – folks come to eat, drink and relax with an unassuming vibe. The menu, on the other hand, isn’t unassuming – literally everything you could want from a Japanese restaurant is available on there, all at high quality. Show out at Shoya the next time you want something delicious after 10pm.

Kabob and noodles from Beijing Kabobs.

Beijing Kabobs
Sometimes when you’re looking for a little something to eat after getting lit, the only thing that will satisfy is meat. At Beijing kabobs, they’ve got proteins galore…on a stick. Seriously, you can get everything from lamb and sheep to squid and sausage – and even the nether regions of an ox if you’ve had a couple drinks and are feeling adventurous! They’re open until 12am weekdays, 1:30am on the weekends!

Tacos from La Pastorcita.

La Pastorcita
One of Atlanta’s best taco places hands down, they have incredible, authentic options for your taco, including al pastor, with cow tongue and with barbacoa. Our favorite thing to do is order a bunch of antojitos, or appetizers, starting with the enchiladas, flautas, mole poblano and queso dip (of course). It’s the best way to get a little bit of everything. They’re open until 1am weekdays, 2am on the weekends

Korean BBQ from Hae Woon Dae BBQ.

Hae Woon Dae BBQ
Sure, the k-pop thing has been taking over the country for the last few years, but if you’ve lived in Atlanta for a while, you know Koreans don’t just bring it when it comes to music – they know their meat, too. Hae Woon Dae BBQ is an unassuming, tabletop grilling spot in Buford Highway that’s the perfect place to fill up before finishing up the night. We love the beef short rib and Dae Ji But (pork) – if you’re really feeling frisky, try the Top Chang Gui – table top charbroiled beef intestines! Open until midnight Tuesday – Sunday.

Tacos from El Rey Del Taco.

El Rey del Taco
These guys might be the crown jewel when it comes to the best late night Buford Highway eats. They’re packed no matter what time of day it is, and it’s because the dishes DELIVER. Open until 1am weeknights and 2am weekends, these guys have been laboring in the late night scene for 15 years. Now they’re heralded as not just the best late night spot in Buford Highway, but the entire city. While we love a sizzling fajita (a popular order the night we were there most recently), our biggest favorite on the menu might be everything in the Parrilladas (On the Grill) section.

Food from Pho24.

Pho 24
If you love a little late night lemongrass, then you should probably get the f to Pho 24. Of course, their pho is phenomenal, but we also love their incredible vermicelli noodles and super flavorful fried rice. Instead of when they’re open, it’s probably easier to share when they’re NOT open – 6am – 10am. Otherwise, whether you’re filling up at 4pm or 4am, you’re welcome at Pho 24.

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