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In Atlantic Station, whether you’re going shopping or going to the movies, Chef Shaun Doty is bringing chicken to a new level. Local. Delicious. Farm fresh. Everything at Chick-a-Biddy is clucking good!


Chicken and Waffles

Y’all, this is the South and we love our Chicken & Waffles! And Chick-a-Biddy serves up a home-run of a dish. Using cheddar cheese waffles and topped with double dipped chicken tenders (extra crunchy, extra tasty) and served with syrup you’ll want to drink.

Brussels Sprouts

You know those tiny cabbages you hated as  kid? Well, these are going to erase any of those memories. Whatever fairy dust that makes Krispy Kreme donuts irresistible, these brussels sprouts must have. One taste and you’ll thank us.