Saturdays 7:00 pm | Sundays 10:30 am


The Iberian Pig

Edison bulbs, exposed brick walls, and a friendly staff. It’s everything a hip, new restaurant strives to have. The Iberian Pig, located in Decatur, offers this and much more.

The Iberian Pig’s menu practically replicates what one would find in the markets of Spain, truly transporting customers into a foreign, yet inviting environment. Cured meats, a Spanish tradition, are what make this spot worthy of your time. Prosciutto is so passé. Here, Serrano Ham, smoked chorizo, and acorn fed Iberian pig are served thinly sliced on rustic wooden boards. The fatty marbling of the meat alone is enough to mesmerize the eyes, but surely not enough to keep away from a hungry mouth.

A vast array of imported artisanal cheeses complements the charcuteria and an expertly selected list of wines help to complete any afternoon or evening at this Spanish hideaway. The restaurant’s mixologists are also happy to serve up some classic cocktails or some more creative compositions. However, our top pick: the traditional sangria with delicately muddled fruit, wine and spirits. It’s always a great evening on the patio of the Iberian Pig on a warm summer night.


Jamón Ibérico

For $14, you get one ounce (yes, you read correctly) of the world’s most satisfying, salty, fatty, melt in your mouth, make you go insane, make you spend another fourteen dollars, shoulder cut of the famous black footed pig. Did we mention the meat is aged for over a year? Because the best things are worth waiting for.

Carne De Cerdo

Anything but your average flatbread. The Carne De Cerdo takes crisp dough to new heights by adding on braised pork shoulder and creamy fromage blanc. Sweet, and plump Medjool dates also accompany this dish as well as smoky charred fennel. Crisp walnuts, perfectly candied, and a drizzle of lavender honey add a new textural dimension to this menu must have.

Pork Cheek Tacos

Sometimes the best item on a menu is among the cheapest. The Iberian Pig serves tacos España style. Super tender, slowly braised pork cheeks, fire roasted corn, a tangy avocado lime crema, and a touch of peppery arugula brighten up the dish. You get four tacos for $8, a deal in this, or any other neighborhood.