What do you get when you mix hella good sports with hella good food? Besides our own Steak Shapiro’s personal idea of paradise? You get Dantanna’s!

Dantanna’s believes that you should not have to settle for limp fries and overcooked burgers in order catch your favorite team. They are serving some seriously high quality seafood flown in twice a day and the best beef for your steaks out there. You can also get some out of this world sandwiches, like their play on a reuben that uses fried tilapia.

And to wash all that down with? Their cocktails and beer are on point. Their wine list is unparalleled. Don’t be surprised if you turn around and see your favorite Hawks player sipping on some Cabernet next to you.

And insider’s tip? If yo really want to listen to the game, ask for a pair of headphones and you’ll be able to tap into any game playing.


Dantanna’s ‘Freuben’

Take what you thought about reubens and thrown it out. This sandwich will have you craving something a little outside the box for weeks. They start with grilled rye bread and top it with Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and then a piece of delicately fried tilapia.

The Burger

The burger’s at Dantanna’s are not the double patty grease bombs that can sometimes grace an Atlanta menu. These bad boy are two handed masterpieces. Fresh ground meat is formed into a half pound patty on topped with any number of ingredients. Always cooked to order. Always incredible.