20 Beers for 20 Years!

We have gone on an epic journey to celebrate our past, present, and future with our neighborhood family. A year ago, the three of us had a great idea to brew a special collaboration beer with twenty of our best friends in the brewing world to celebrate our twenty years in the amazing city of Decatur. For the better part of a year we have specially organized, coordinated, and brewed 20 different beers from 20 different breweries.

Thank you for 20 years of laughs, your patronage, but most of all: the beer.

Brick Store Pub | Sierra Nevada
Brick Store Pub | Victory Brewing
Brick Store Pub | Terrapin Beer Company
Brick Store Pub | SweetWater Brewing Company
Brick Store Pub | St Bernardus
Brick Store Pub | Creature Comforts
Brick Store Pub | 3 Taverns