Farm to Ladle

The perfect lunch – soup or salad, a delicious sandwich, and maybe a cookie for dessert. Farm to Ladle brings you the freshest version of that lunch consistently, every day with their fresh ingredients, focus on healthy fare and beautiful interiors at The Avalon and Ponce City Market. We visited the Avalon location on Atlanta Eats, which was bright and airy on a cool day, perfect for grabbing a chili and chatting with friends.


Turkey Chili

turkey chili from Farm to Ladle at the Avalon

A hearty blend of three beans, lean ground turkey, tomatoes and chili seasoning.  Perfect for the winter.   

Pimento Cheese Sandwichpimento cheese sandwich

Available any time from their grab and go coolers, these sandwiches are a signature at Farm to Ladle!  

Vegan Salad Wrap

the vegan salad wrap at Farm to Ladle

Tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, mixed greens and a pinto bean spread come together beautifully in Farm to Ladle’s vegan salad wrap.