La Parrilla

They say it’s “always a fiesta at La Parrilla” and we certainly agree! Their 22 year history has established La Parrilla as a major brand of authentic Mexican food around Atlanta and their other 2 locations in Alabama and South Carolina. This is the spot where guacamole is created table-side, fajitas are served hot off the grill and enchiladas are covered with their signature sauce, white queso. There is something for everyone at this colorful Mexican joint so Atlanta Eats had to dig in and try the best they have to offer.


Arrachera Steak 

For an authentic Mexican dish you don’t see on most menus, the Arrachera Steak is the right order. Outside skirt steak, marinated in an a La Parrilla secret marinade, seasoned, rolled and served with grilled peppers and onions, the steak is also paired with charro beans, Mexican rice, guacamole, salsa and tortillas. In other words, you won’t leave hungry after trying this dish.

Mango Salmon

For a look on the lighter side of Mexican cuisine, we tried (and loved) the Mango Salmon. The salmon is grilled and served over asparagus and mashed potatoes with a mango tequila salsa to garnish.