Magnolia Room Cafeteria

When you smell a magnolia tree, you know you’re in the South. When you walk into The Magnolia Room in Tucker, you feel like you’re at home. From classic Southern Fare like Fried Chicken, collard greens, to enough pies to fill a bakeshop, they give a whole new meaning to comfort food. The service is second to none, and the cafeteria style set-up means food is ready when you’re ready to eat. Learn more about the wonderful offerings at Magnolia Room below.


Fried Chicken and sides

Fried chicken with mac and cheese, green beans, and other sides

Fried chicken is a southern staple and Magnolia Room has one that is perfectly crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside.  Plus the mac and cheese is creamy, green beans are cooked perfectly, and a sweet tea with a roll and a parfait are always a good way to top off a meal.   

Fried Catfish

the fried catfish from Magnolia Room

It isn’t easy to fry up catfish without overcooking it into a flaky mess, but at Magnolia Room they manage to fry it perfectly on the outside and keep it all together.  

Egg Custard Pie

a slice of egg custard pie

It’s like a pillow on a plate that’s perfectly sweet and melts in your mouth with every bite.  

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