Smokejack BBQ

Hit the road and head to Smokejack! This downtown Alpharetta institution has been there since before the area’s revitalization and continues to deliver delicious BBQ and southern dishes every day. Owner Dave Filipowicz made an effort to try as many different regional BBQ styles as possible, and he brings them all together in one place – whether it’s the St. Louis Style Spare Ribs, the Texas Holy Trinity (4 spare rib bones, 1/2 lb brisket, and 2 smoked sausage links) or the Burnt Ends, you’ll find every style of BBQ at Smokejack. They also have delicious sides, shareable appetizers (like the loaded fries and Southern Charcuterie) and amazing sandwiches.


BBQ from all regions

brisket from Smokejack BBQ

Whether it’s brisket, pork shoulder, burnt ends, sausage, chicken, or turkey – you name it, they smoke it.  But they also have a variety of sauces representing various regions no matter your palate.   

Triple Bypass Friesthe triple bypass fries at Smokejack

Bacon, Queso, Cheddar jack cheese, SJ House BBQ, sour cream, scallions and pork all on a delicious bed of crispy fries (you can sub out brisket or chili for pork too)!  

The Flipsecutioner

The Flipsecutioner sandwich at Smokejack

A special when we visited, see if you can get this Chopped Brisket, Smoked Sausage, BBQ Sauce, Homemade Pickles, Coleslaw on Texas Toast, served with a side.