Sweetwater Brewing Company

From North Carolina to the banks of the Mississippi, the South is getting a taste of West Coast style beer from the folks at Sweetwater Brewing. The love these guys have for beer is obvious the moment you put that pale ale to your lips. So pull up a seat and grab a glass because Sweetwater is about to serve up your new favorite brew.

Founders Freddy and Kevin met while attending the University of Colorado and immediately fell in love with the brewing world. After they finished academia, they began their real education, brewing beer, at The American Brewers Guild in California. When they headed to Atlanta in 1996, it was apparent we were desperate need of some West Coast Style brew.

And boy, did they bring it. With the help of friends, family and a few bars willing to give them a chance, Sweetwater began quenching ATL’s thirst with their brews Sweetwater ESB, Sweetwater Blue &, Sweetwater 420. And, we were never the same. Bringing their style of aggressive and hoppy ales to the South is something the beer community will always be thankful for.

Since they’ve opened, Sweetwater has grown in the shadow of the city and is now our largest brewery. They have hosted the World Beer Cup, won Small Brewery of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival and received countless accolades from critics and consumers alike. Recently completing a brewery expansion, they now have a 25,000 square foot brewing facility and distribute over 700,000 cases per year. And with all of that, they’ll still be our beloved hometown brewery.



Sweetwater 420

Named after the day that it was brewed, this West Coast Pale Ale has become the #1 best selling beer by Sweetwater. Found at almost any local bar or beer store, it’s become ubiquitous with Southern beer. Not too hoppy, but still packed full of flavor, it’s the perfect brew for almost any occasion

Dank Tank Series

A rotating selection of small batch brews, these beers push the envelope and challenge the drinker to drink outside the box. Recent releases include; Red Hot Mama, The Price is Wrong and The Gimp. But get them when you see them, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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