Table and Main

Grandma better watch out! Nestled in a cozy, old home in Roswell, and run by two of Atlanta’s most up-and-coming young guns, Table & Main puts their own spin on the old-school Southern specialties you grew up on.

Now, we’re not saying that this place fries chicken better than your dear old Grams did. But we’re also not saying that they don’t…

In fact, fried chicken is the signature Southern dish this spot is famous for. Pastured all-natural chicken, perfectly fried and served with collard greens, this simple, Southern plate is anything but plain. Other creative Southern classics you can look forward to enjoying include BBQ spiced tuna, shrimp and grits, mac n’ cheese, and a delicious buttermilk breaded and fried okra.

Out-of-this-world Southern cookin’ isn’t all that Table & Main serves up. Their bourbon bar offers a selection of nearly 50 different bourbons, ryes, and American whiskeys; and their wines are independently sourced to perfectly complement their menu.

Fried Chicken

Table & Main’s signature dish consists of pastured, all-natural chicken, fried until perfectly crispy, and served with collard greens. The owners call it their “wow” dish. We call it nothing. Because we’re speechless.

BBQ Spiced Tuna

No Southern tavern is complete without a little B-B-Q action. Table & Main’s BBQ spiced tuna is served with smoked tomato grits, grilled asparagus, and a top-ranking buerre blanc.

Buttermilk Breaded & Fried Okra

After you taste this savory side, you’ll wonder why okra gets such a bad rap. This dish changed our whole outlook okra. It’ll change yours, too…

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The Essentials

1028 Canton Street, Roswell, GA 30075

(678) 869-5178

[email protected]

Price Range $13-$28
Parking? Lot
Family-Friendly? Yes
Delivery? No
Alcohol? Yes
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