Taverna Plaka

A combination of Mediterranean, Italian and Greek cuisine alongside light-hearted entertainment is served up at this Cheshire Bridge gem! When you visit, be prepared for a party not only in the dining room, but in your tummy as well! Between the Braised Lamb Shank and belly dancers, it’s an all around good time. The menu offers a plethora of dishes, and no matter you choose to indulge in, you will not be disappointed. Order some dinner, get some Baklava for dessert and have a ball!



Saganaki or burning cheese with lemon juice from Tavern Plaka

This appetizer is definitely one that will make you say “Opa!” Kefalograviera cheese is drizzled in rum & then ignited, coming to the table in flames! The flame is extinguished with lemon juice and what’s left is melty, cheesy goodness to spread on a piece of fresh pita bread! You are sure to have a burning love for this flaming cheese!


Octopus from Tavern Plaka

Bought every morning at the fish market, the Grilled Octopus is fresher than fresh. The char from the grill brings out the oceanic flavors of this lightly seasoned dish.

Paidakia (Lamb chops)

Lamp Chops from Tavern Plaka

Oregano, thyme, basil, oil and garlic (classic Greek spices) are combined to make a magical marinade for the perfectly cut lamb chops. Grilled and served with lemon potatoes and fresh cut green beans. This traditional Greek dish puts plain ol’ meat and potatoes to shame.