Nikolai’s Roof

Anybody who watches Atlanta Eats knows that the city is filled with countless outstanding neighborhood restaurants, but sometimes you want to take it up a level…to one of those beautiful classy spots that you feel transported the minute you walk in. Nikolai’s Roof serves up classy caviar and sure-fire martinis, but how about an outstanding rack of lamb, a delicious duck breast and the perfect steak. Located in Downtown Atlanta on the top of the Hilton hotel, Nikolai’s Roof provides a view like nothing else in the city.



Osetra and Hackleback varieties available and both beautifully served on a platter with red onion, egg, crackers and more.


You won’t be able to just have one! A puff pastry filled with meat, dressed with tarragon & a bearnaise sauce.

White Chocolate Creme Brulee

Seasonal berries accompany this chic white dessert.