Honey Pig

Since 2007, Honey Pig has been serving great tasting Korean BBQ in Duluth. Being the first Korean barbeque restaurant in the area, it piqued the interest of many and as our popularity has risen customers now visit from all over Georgia, and as far away as Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida, swarmed. Unlike most Korean barbeque restaurants, Honey Pig utilizes the iron-cast lid (aka “Ssot-Dduk-Kung”) method of grilling. Shaped like an upside down wok with a cylindrical handle at the center, the lid is heated by a flame beneath and meats, Kimchi, and bean sprouts are grilled directly on top.


Beef Brisket

Cut fresh daily in house, this is a must-try. Served with kimchi and soybean sprouts & cooked on a cast iron lid.

Pork Belly

Also cut fresh in the kitchen each day, this meat is simmered to perfection on the cast iron lid pot.

Fried Rice

Cooked on the cast iron lid pot, this dish is prepared after any meat or fish ordered to soak in various flavors.

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