Seoul K BBQ

Want to spice up your routine? Check out one of the 4 Seoul K BBQ Breakers Express locations around Atlanta (and counting!). People are flocking to their healthy, grilled, flavorful and saucy takes on the Korean BBQ classics and some Korean twists on American staples. Their bibimbap is created so quickly that you’ll be blown away with its beautiful presentation and authentic flavors. The bulgogi burger is a fan favorite- it really takes the bulgogi beef to the next level! There is something for everyone here at the newest venture from the people who brought you Breakers Korean Barbecue in Duluth!



Translated to mean “mixed rice” in English, this Korean delicacy is healthy, grilled and one of the top menu items at Seoul K BBQ.  A bowl of steamed rice is topped with grilled vegetables and meat, chili paste and a fried egg.

Bulgogi Burger

Shake up your typical burger order with a little bit of Korea in every bite. Bulgogi beef is used for the meat and dressed up with sautéed onions and mushrooms on a fresh bun.  

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