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Dwarf House is not a myth, it’s a legend

Whether you’re an ATLien since birth or a new resident of our southern city, you have heard the hype about Dwarf House. Also known as the “Orginal Chick-fil-a”, this restaurant transforms your fast-food favorite into a sit down dreamland. Yes, a waiter takes your order and the menu is expanded into comfort foods you only see in your fantasies.

A couple tips to navigate this charming cultural hub:

1) The menu is expansive. Choose wisely. Try some items that aren’t served at the typical                             Chick-fil-a.


2) There is a breakfast buffet until 11am, but if you come on the tail end there may be little left.

3) Chicken and waffles are a must try…


4) …so is mac and cheese.


5) If you’re into menu hacks, try this one. It’s a reconstructed chicken biscuit with a waffle inside. Don’t forget the syrup!


My number one word of advice is- go with friends! You are bound to over-order and therefore need some hungry homies to help you out!


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