Perfect Order

Perfect Order

Deciding what to eat at a new restaurant can be intimidating, but we’ve got the perfect remedy: advice about what to order from the brains who cooked the dishes up in the first place.

Bone Lick BBQ – Pitmaster Mike LaSage

If you wonder what Mike LaSage likes to eat from his menu at Bone Lick BBQ, the answer is ribs and pulled pork. But if you’re wondering what you should order until you’re acquainted with the nuances of great BBQ (and five regional sauces), then the Fat Ass Sampler is for you.

Toscano and Sons Italian Market – Owner/Chef Kathy Boehmer

Kathy Boehmer tells us which if the sandwiches on her menu is a staff favorite, and why simple is sometimes better. If those porchetta paninis are half as good as she says they are you’re in for a treat. But they’re not. They’re at least twice as good, and “treat” is a totally inadequate adjective.