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10 “Love Is Blind” + ATL Foodie Secrets Spilled by Atlanta Reality Star Diamond Jack

We had the chance to catch up with local Atlanta cast member Diamond Jack, a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader and vegan food fanatic, on Instagram Live to talk all things “Love Is Blind” and her fave Atlanta restaurants! For the 5% of you folks who still don’t what the show is, “Love Is Blind” is a reality television show on Netflix where contestants from all around Atlanta date, fall in love, and even get engaged WITHOUT EVER seeing each other!  Here are some secrets about the show and about the ATL food & dining scene that she shared. **Spoilers Ahead!**

1. The cast had no idea for a long time that they were all going to Cancún, Mexico post engagement!

Production kept the location of the post-engagement vacation a secret from the cast, as well as hid the fact that they’d all be staying at the same resort! The cast members were flown to Cancun on separate flights to keep the resort reveal a secret! However, Diamond revealed they didn’t do such a great job: “I was walking with Carlton [in the airport] and my production manager and I hear Lauren go, ‘DIAMOND!!!!'” she said, adding that she also saw Cameron before her and Carlton were quickly whisked away.

2. A lot of the cast still hang out all over Atlanta!

Diamond keeps in touch with a lot of the cast members, especially the women. She’s closest with Lauren, Cameron, LC (the third woman in the Barnett/Jessica/Amber love quadrangle), and Jessica. After the show, a lot of the cast would hang out–especially the ladies–and call themselves the “Pod Squad.” Favorite places to chill? “If we have any hangouts or meet-ups, we usually are at the Battery!” said Diamond.

3. Her favorite places to eat in Atlanta include Herban Fixe, Slutty Vegan, and Lovie Hut!

Diamond follows a plant-based diet in her personal life. Her favorite places to eat and drink in Atlanta include the Nook (for their fishbowls), Loving Hut, Herban Fixe, Cafe Sunflower, and Slutty Vegan! The super popular Atlanta burger spot Slutty Vegan is known for their insanely long lines, but Diamond had a great tip for us all: “Go late at night when they’re about to close. That’s when the line is not as long!” Also delicious, according to Diamond? The vegan tacos, vegan burgers, and deep dish vegan pizza at the Whole Foods in Alpharetta!

4. The cast didn’t get to see the show in advance, no matter how much they tried!

The Love is Blind cast was shocked just like the rest of us, watching everything play back the day it was released on Netflix. “We wanted to, we requested it, but [Netflix] didn’t allow us to see it until February 14th! I tried so many times!” said Diamond.

5.  Things are NOT all good with Carlton post Love Is Blind.

While it seemed that things were all good after that tearful, tearful “Love is Blind” reunion, unfortunately, things are far from resolved for Diamond with Carlton post-Love is Blind. Without getting too far into it, she has him blocked on social media and has done her best to move on from the situation. But uh, TMZ did a pretty good analysis if you need all the juicy gossip.

Mark Cuevas from Netflix's Love Is Blind | GIF: Netflix/Giphy
Mark Cuevas from Netflix’s Love Is Blind | GIF: Netflix/Giphy

6. Diamond’s top three picks were Carlton, Cameron, and then Mark, though her friendship with Jessica had her choosing to back off Mark!

Confused by the pacing of the show? So were we. But Diamond helped clear up some misconceptions! Initially, there were 15 speed-dating rounds before the cast started to narrow down their picks. Then, they chose their favorites. And surprisingly, Carlton, Cameron, AND Mark all made the list for Diamond. Last we heard Mark was still single as well. Maybe it’s time for these two ATLiens to reconnect! 👀

7. As she saw the Barnett love triangle play out, Diamond tried to warn Jessica, “Go with Mark!”

“I really still talk to Jessica for sure,” said Diamond of her relationship with the show’s wine-loving villain. According to Diamond, they even used to gossip off-camera in the bathroom until the producers found out. While Diamond doesn’t agree with everything her friend did and said on the show, she also mentions that Barnett should also be held accountable. “Jessica fell in love with [Barnett] and [Barnett] told her he wanted to marry her before Amber,” said Diamond.

8. Diamond also remains close with Lauren and Cameron

Lauren and Cameron were definitely couple goals, and Diamond remains close friends with the two. “I go to their house when I have time, now it’s quarantine so I can’t,” said Diamond. She also plans to collaborate with Lauren on YouTube in the future!

8. The breakup with Carlton pretty much played out exactly how it looked.

Prior to the big pool scene break-up and Carlton’s sexuality reveal, Carlton had been acting increasingly strange and different. “He was acting weird and I felt it… just certain things he would say, these were not pleasant things…just little stuff that it was like, is this necessary? Where did all this come from?” said Diamond.

9. She still tears up watching back the proposal today.

Although the show was filmed in 2018, Diamond does still get emotional watching the proposal scene back. “I thought I found my king, and when it didn’t happen for me, it hurts,” said Diamond.


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10. Diamond is single today, but is launching a vegan cooking YouTube channel and a women’s empowerment clothing line!

“It’s definitely going to take 2 weeks longer for me in the pods before I say ‘I do’ or say yes to a proposal!” said Diamond during our chat, but she’s got awesome stuff going on anyway in her life!  To keep up with Diamond, follow her on Instagram, and follow us on Instagram for more live interviews about all things food, pop culture, and Atlanta!

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