3 Reasons Why 433 Bishop is an Awesome Food Party Venue

433 Bishop in Midtown has quickly become a hidden gem hotspot for holiday parties and family functions alike. We at Atlanta Eats HQ celebrated our successful ’16 there last week, and people are still reeling about the incredible venue, awesome bar, and of course, the drunken Korean Karaoke. Here are our top 3 reasons why you need to book 433 Bishop for your next party before word gets out.

1. The Food

Shoutout to the amazing team at Fumi for literally putting a tepenyaki grill in the middle of our party! Our guests were wowed with gorgeous platters of protein, fried rice, and all the staples we all know and love when we go to our favorite hibachi spot. 433 Bishop was able to recreate Fumi in the gorgeous space and shell out sushi roll after sushi roll all night long!

2. The Atmosphere

433 Bishop is a larger space with a more intimate feel. With couches in the back and a perfect stage area, we were able to relax, sing, and dance all within the space. We have a hard time saying no to doing karaoke, so the open space set up was perfect for our 15 minutes of fame!

3. The Kitchen

The Kitchen at 433 Bishop is truly what makes this place a festive foodie’s dream. The gorgeous kitchen is front and center so caterers, restaurateurs, and chefs can be the star! We wanted a truly “food centric” themed party and 433 allowed us to let the food shine, the hibachi and sushi be the star, and the open kitchen to be the center of attention!

We can’t give enough delicious details about how phenomenal our holiday party was at 433 Bishop in Midtown. Between the sake bombs, salmon rolls, and Steak singing Springsteen, we know we’re going to be back at 433 Bishop very soon with our dancing shoes on as well as a hearty appetite!

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