3 Spots For Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Craze

Post By Kiersten Cusick, Atlanta Eats intern | Last Updated – December 3, 2019

On August 4th, it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Day. Or is it May 15th? Both are recognized as the chocolatey sweet holiday, but if it were up to us, every day would be chocolate chip cookie day (with a mandatory daily cookie, or your citizenship is revoked).

We visited a few of our favorite spots in anticipation of the holiday. Follow along on our sweet journey. Just don’t forget the milk.
The chocolate chip cookies at Breadwinner Cafe
Breadwinner Cafe makes more than sandwiches. Stop in their conveniently located Sandy Springs storefront and stack a few of their crunchy yet dense chocolate chip cookies during your lunch break – the rest of your day is guaranteed to be pretty sweet.

Tiff’s Treat’s party pack of “Tiff’s Mix” cookies is guaranteed to make your mouth water so much you will need a bottle of either their 2% or chocolate milk to ensure you can eat as many as possible. They have FOUR different types of chocolate chip cookies, so you’ll have plenty of options.
a stack of chocolate chip cookies from Karma Daisy
At Karma Daisy & The Cookie Studio, you can start your morning off right with delicious coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip treats you or your kids will LOVE. The cookies are thin, but somehow gooey with an amazing, velvety texture. If it isn’t too hot in the morning, their patio is a great spot to relax!

Ultimately, today is the day you TREAT YO SELF because National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day does NOT come around that often – well, at least just twice a year.

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