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5 Great Lobsters on National Lobster Day

We may not be right on the coast but Atlanta restaurants know how to turn imported lobsters into amazing dishes. To celebrate National Lobster Day, we’re highlighting 5 lobster dishes we had recently that blew us out of the water.

The Flash Fried Lobster Tail at Atlanta Fish Market
Flash Fried Lobster Tail, Atlanta Fish Market
Atlanta Fish Market imports fresh catches daily and their lobster is second to none. With delicious melted butter to dip your lobster and a flash fried crunch, it’s the perfect dish to satisfy your singular lobster craving.

The Cioppino at Dantannas
Cioppino, Dantanna’s
If you’re looking for lobster and, well, every other fish in the sea, the Cioppino at Dantanna’s delivers. Go with a friend though – this dish is more than enough for two.

The lobster roll at BeetleCat
Lobster Roll, Beetlecat
Ranked the number one lobster roll in the country by Maine Magazine, this lobster roll is second to none. It’s served with Aioli, chips and lemon which is pretty much all you need when they’re making a roll this tasty.

The "I'm So Fancy" dog from Drafts and Dogs
The I’m So Fancy (You Already Know) Hot Dog, Drafts and Dogs
The new Ponce City Market food stall is drafts and dogs, and they’re certainly living up to the expensive zip code. The I’m So Fancy (You Already Know) hot dog contains lobster AND caviar. Go get your fancy on.

Lobster Roll from The Big Ketch
Lobster Roll, The Big Ketch
At the Big Ketch, they know seafood. So when they make their lobster rolls, it’s like stepping on a pier in Guilford, Connecticut, feeling that coastal breeze and taking a bite out of a freshly caught lobster dripping in butter.

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