4 Must-Eat Sandwiches in Atlanta

***Written by guest blogger Lindsay Greene @The_Hunger_Diaries***

Do you like buns, hon? Well, things between buns, I mean. Sandwiches are the humblest of foods and still often the most coveted. They can have complex flavors, great variation of texture, and hey, everything’s better when bread’s involved, am I right? Here are some of the sandwiches you absolutely have to try in Atlanta. Because it just wouldn’t be fair to your soul if you didn’t.

Korean Cheese Steak, Fred’s Meat and Bread (Krog St. & Tech Square)

You may’ve already had the regular cheese steak at Fred’s, which is known not only as the best cheese steak in Atlanta, but possibly one of the best in the country. But have you ventured to try their Korean cheese steak? If you’re a fan of the regular, but are craving a spicy bite, this sandwich is definitely for you. Your choice of perfectly seared chicken or steak, a generous amount of white American cheese, gochujang Korean hot sauce, candied jalapeno, garlic aioli, all on a fresh TGM Bread roll. Pure, cheesy heaven.

Ice Cream Sandwiches, Miller Union (West Midtown)

It isn’t surprising that amazing restaurants like Miller Union also have unbelievable pastry chefs that could churn unicorn ice cream in their sleep. Miller Union’s ice cream is rich and creamy, the flavors are clean and pronounced without tasting artificial, and they don’t rely on adding sugar to achieve great flavor, they rely on fantastic ingredients and technique. This is an ice cream that you can’t, and simply don’t want to make at home. Miller Union’s rotating variety of heavenly sandwiches is only available on their lunch menu, so plan accordingly.

Banh Mi, Lee’s Bakery (Buford Highway)

There’s nothing frilly about these basic banh mi. Seasoned pork, rich mayo, tons of fresh veg, spicy jalapenos, and a house-baked crusty, chewy loaf come together perfectly in one of Atlanta’s best sandwiches. It’s salty, spicy, fresh, and has a great variation of textures. Best of all, if you opt for take-out, they cost only $3.25 and are buy five get one free. Try to find a better value in ATL, I’ll wait.

“Today’s Catch” Crispy Fish Sandwich, W. H. Stiles Fish Camp (Ponce City Market)

I love fish sandwiches, but often times they’re missing that certain something…. ACID. Fish begs to be paired with tart, tangy, acidic anything, and this sandwich has really covered that base. The super fresh fish is fried till perfectly crisp, then topped with vinegary slaw, briny pickles, and tangy, creamy remoulade. I’m also convinced that they squirt the top of the fish with fresh lemon juice, just to really go there. All that goodness is piled into a soft, buttered roll. Even if you’re not a fish sandwich kinda guy/gal, you may be after you eat this.

Are you craving things between buns now? You’re very welcome. Show these restaurants some love by going out and trying their amazing eats. It’s up to us to give back to them, after they’ve been so kind to our stomachs.

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