5 Sandwiches We Recently Tried and Loved for National Sandwich Day

Bread. Protein. Cheese. Veggies. Condiments. 5 Simple things that come together and create heaven in one hand – the sandwich. Created as a way to eat while playing poker, sandwiches can give you flavors from all different cuisines in one convenient form. To celebrate National Sandwich Day on November 3rd, we’ve highlighted 5 sandwiches that we tried recently and loved.

the flipsecutioner sandwich at Smokejack BBQ
Flipsecutioner, Smoke Jack
This Alpharetta BBQ spot has become a staple in their downtown district, and keeps people coming with sandwiches like the Flipsecutioner. It’s chopped brisket, smoked sausage, BBQ sauce, homemade pickles and Cole slaw all on Texas Toast. If you’re looking for something meaty, look no further than Smokejack.

the cuban sandwich at publico
Cuban sandwich at Publico
This new midtown gastropub has an Asian-Latin fusion menu with tons of great little bites and options. But what stole the show for us from our visit there was the Cuban sandwich. The bread is perfectly crisp on the outside, the meat and cheese are fresh, and the pickles perfectly crisp.

the P.G.T.A. sandwich at Piastra
P.G.T.A. at Piastra
If you haven’t been to Marietta Square, it’s worth the visit. And there’s one family owned restaurant there that makes delicious Italian inspired dishes. But they make great sandwiches, too and their P.G.T.A. is no exception. It’s made with house cured pancetta, buttermilk-marinated fried green tomato, and arugula with fresh aioli and red pepper vinaigrette.

The pimento cheese sandwich at Farm to Ladle
Pimento at Farm to Ladle
Farm to Ladle brings fresh sandwiches, soups and salads to Ponce City Market and the Avalon. They also bring an amazing pimento cheese recipe that they use for sandwiches. It may be simple but it’s always delicious.

pastrami with spicy mustard on an everything bagel
Pastrami Bagel at Emerald City Bagels
There’s plenty of folks who live in Atlanta from Northern states and they can find some comfort food at Emerald City Bagels. Their pastrami is deli level delicious, and with spicy mustard and a fresh bagel, the sandwich always makes you feel like you’re in line at Katz’s ready to eat.

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