5 Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

*The below is written by Terry Smith, Owner of Mobile Meat & Seafood*

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and Mobile Meat and Seafood has a few mouth-watering turkey recipes for this holiday season.

The perfect recipe starts with the turkey, and MM&S can deliver fresh all natural antibiotic and hormone-free turkeys direct to your door this Thanksgiving season. Our customers rave about the flavor and tenderness of our birds and know they are serving their family and guests the healthiest bird as well. So, order your perfect turkey from MM&S, and try out one of these recipes to kick Thanksgiving up a notch.

Spicy Red Chile and Orange Glazed Turkey

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No more bland turkey here. This recipe will heat up the holiday with the combination of dried chile peppers and orange zest. Find the full recipe here.

Herb and Citrus Butter Roasted Turkey

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This recipe features lemon, butter, shallots, sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and white wine. Full recipe here.

Easy Roast Turkey with No-Roux Gravy

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For a more low-maintenance approach try this recipe that is an easy take on the classic roast. Full recipe here.

Our Favorite: Fried Turkey

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The juiciness of the fried turkey is unbeatable. You can inject it with several different flavors including Cajun and Citrus. It’s also a quick preparation time (35-45 min), but just be sure not to overcook. A good guide is 3 min per pound plus an additional 5 minutes. Full recipe here.

Spiced Apple Cider Glazed Turkey Breast

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If you have a smaller family or group over for Thanksgiving, the turkey breast is a great option for dinner. A well seasoned, sweetly spiced breast is full of flavor. The breast is rubbed with a mixture of butter, garlic, sage, and onion and marinated overnight. The apple cider is then reduced to a syrup and used as the glaze. Full recipe here.

Whatever option you choose you can avoid the grocery lines and have Mobile Meat and Seafood deliver our fresh all natural Turkey to your home. We also have our incredible line of gourmet appetizers and accompanying fine foods for the entire Thanksgiving holidays. Contact MM&S to preorder your Turkey today. Sizes range from 12 to 24 lbs. Early ordering is recommended! Mobilemeatandseafood.com. Or call 770-873-2733. Email terry@mobilemeatandseafood.com.


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