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6 Tips to Make Your At Home Tailgate, Tail-GREAT

Article Written In Partnership With the Georgia Lottery

Even though football looks a little different this year, you can still totally crush it on any Homegate you’re hosting. The Georgia Lottery’s got tons of tips, tricks, & fun to make your home THE destination for watching the big game! 

1. Serve in style with single grab servings

Safety first this year. Create single-serving portions for your guests to keep folks from HUDDLING all along the buffet line. Just be sure to set out extra portions if you’ve got a hungry, hungry guest like Joe Hamilton who will want extra. 


2. Avoid OFFSIDES with this fantastic corn & tomato salad recipe

Having fantastic burgers and wings are key to a great homegating celebration, but if you have OFFSIDES your guests won’t be happy. Make a delicious side your guests will love with corn, tomato, and mozzarella pearls topped with avocado green goddess dressing. 

3. Create a sanitization station for your guests

Not having a sanitization station this year for any homegating celebration you’re hosting now is a total fumble! Make sure to have plenty of soap and hand sanitizer available for your guests to feel safe. 


4. Make mocktails the kids and adults will lvove

One way to KICK-OFF a great and family-friendly homegate celebration is with a delicious mocktail everyone can enjoy and keep your guests’ THIRSTS DOWN. And just because it is a mocktail doesn’t mean it is missing flavor. Combine mango, ginger, jalapenos, and lemon for sweet and just a bit of kick! 

5. Add stylish labels to all your dishes

Make it easy for those with food allergies and add an easy touch of stylish flair to your homegating celebration with labels for all your foods. We made ours football themed with little astroturfs from Michael’s! 

6. Serve up some sliders

Sliders are just more fun than regular burgers. They’re perfect when you want juuust a bite, but if you eat 4 of them, it somehow feels not so indulgent because they’re so mini! Don’t forget the cheese, and add in some BBQ sauce too. Make a slider bar so guests can add just what they want. 

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